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Year 4

Year 4


Functions/ Notions

Core language

Phonic focus

Autumn 1

General revision of basic Spanish.

Body parts.

  • Introducing self.
  • Asking for personal information (name, age, birthday)
  • Take part in a mini conversation.
  • Identify and name body parts.
  • Complete a simple description.





  • Basic knowledge from previous years.
  • Parts of the body

     (cabeza, manos, cuello,     

     brazos, manos, piernas, pies, rodillas, hombros)

  • ll
  • ñ
  • ce / ci

Autumn 2



  • Describe general health and pain.
  • Transactional dialogue: tú vs usted
  • Modal verbs (hay que)
  • Learn about Navidad in a Spanish speaking country.
  • Listen and respond to basic Christmas vocabulary.
  • Sing “Cascabel” and “Feliz Navidad”




  • Me duele el/la
  • Me duelen las/los
  • ¿Qué te/le pasa?
  • Me siento mal.
  • Tengo... dolor de garganta, fiebre, gripe.
  • Feliz Navidad



  • ue
  • g
  • br


Spring 1

At the doctor’s




  • Transactional dialogue: tú vs usted
  • Modal verbs (hay que)
  • Learn basic healthy habits to use when giving advice.
  • Role play “At the doctor’s”





  • Tiene que/ necesita … descansar, tomar jarabe, hacer ejercicio.
  • j
  • h


Spring 2

Food and drink

  • Name basic food and drink.
  • Express simple opinions: gustar + noun, adjectives.
  • Read and write simple descriptions of food.
  • Ask for food and drink in a cafeteria.
  • Find out how much something cost.
  • Describe a simple Spanish dish “Gazpacho” or “Tortilla de patatas”


  • Comida (pan, sopa, patatas, verduras, carne, pollo, pescado, pastel, huevos, hamburguesa, helado.
  • Bebidas (agua, zumo, te, café, chocolate caliente)
  • ll
  • hue
  • silent h
  • z

Summer 1

Leisure time

  • Identify and name different leisure activities.
  • Read and write simple sentences describing leisure habits.
  • Express simple opinions: gustar + inf
  • Use high frequency verbs: hacer, jugar, ir, sport and activity vocab



  • hacer deporte, natación, atletismo
  • ir de paseo, en bicicleta, de compras
  • jugar futbol, baloncesto, tenis, netball, videojuegos.
  • h
  • ión
  • ci

Summer 2


  • Cultural development, language understanding through context and previous knowledge.
  • Story telling
  • Description of characters.
  • Mini role plays


  • madrastra, hermanastra, calabaza, hada, fiesta, medianoche, zapato.
  • h
  • z
  • astra




Reading: Use phonic and other language learning strategies to read out words, sentences and paragraphs.


Speaking: Can introduce themselves and ask for someone’s name, age and feeling.


Listening: Identify simple words, listen to simple songs, poems and stories.


Writing: Write simple sentences and short simple paragraphs.

Log of House Points

  • Maple 12,154
  • Beech 11,613
  • Oak 11,597