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We apologise for the inconvenience with the video clips on the Literacy notebook. Thank you to those of you that have emailed in to let us know. We have uploaded the video clips for the week below. The first clip for Monday is no longer available however, your child will still be able to access the lesson from watching the two video clips provided. 

Many thanks, 

The Year 5 Team

Monday's Video Clips

I. Train Station: The Chronicles of Narnia Deleted Scene

In the beginning of the movie when Aunt Laurie sees the children off at the train station, the scene is extended. It has more shots of the characters, crowd,...


This is where Mrs. Macready take the Pevensie children to take them to the house of Prof. Kirk.Enjoy it!

Thursday's Video Clips

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - The Wardrobe

Narnia Forever!

Friday's Video Clip

Lucy meets Mr. tumnus. Shake it. Narnia.

Lucy meets Mr. tumnus. Shake it. Narnia.

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