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Reading Targets – 2b, 2d, 2e

Lesson 1 – Catch it

Watch the video clip, following the link below.

You will need to stop at certain points in the video to answer some questions.

Catch It - ESMA 2015

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Stop at 0.8 seconds.

Where is this video set? How do you know?

Stop at 0.30 seconds.

What animal in the video?

What are they all doing? How do you know?

Why does he/she fall over?

Stop at 0.53 seconds

Where do you think that they are going?

What do you think they are going to do?

Stop at 1.12

What’s hanging from the tree branch?

Why are they standing beneath it swaying?

Stop at 1.20

What do you think is going to happen next? Link your ideas to what you have just seen.


Before we continue any more of the video, I would like you think about what you already know about meerkats. Think about their habitat, diet, appearance and behaviour. Anything that you do already know, I would like you to jot this down on a piece of paper ready for tomorrow’s lesson.

Remember you can ask your family members and friends too, to see if they know any extra information about meerkats. Tomorrow you are going to research some more information about meerkats by either using the internet with an adult or by using the fact sheets provided. Therefore, any notes that you do make today, please keep them safe as they will support your learning tomorrow.

PDF link to the task above

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