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Computing Home Learning

Week beginning 20th April 2020 - Algorithms

Your task this week is to have go at writing some clear and specific instructions to guide your teacher to do a simple task (e.g. brush teeth, make the bed, prepare a bowl of cereal for breakfast or even ride a bike correctly).

Think very carefully about each instruction, you may want to talk about them with an adult at home first to check that they make sense. Below is an example on YouTube of a child giving their teacher clear instructions of how to make a jam sandwich.

This week's activity has two versions, depending on whether you have a desktop computer with a mouse or a trackpad on a laptop at home.

Choose the PowerPoint above that is applicable to you at home.

Whilst completing this activity, demonstrate how to hold a mouse correctly (or how to move your finger on a laptop trackpad correctly) to your child before they try it themselves.

Support your child if they are applying too much pressure to the laptop trackpad or on the computer mouse.

Model how to click, double click and drag using the mouse or demonstrate how to use the buttons on the trackpad, click and double click.

Ensure that the children are sitting comfortably too. You could show them how to correctly sit at a computer or when using a laptop.

Week beginning 4th May 2020 - Creating simple instructions to solve problems


If you are feeling arty, draw a picture and think about the steps and instructions involved in drawing each part.

Then, challenge a family member to draw it based on the instructions you give to them.

Do all the drawings look the same?

This activity from Barefoot below has some helpful ideas.


Week beginning 11th May 2020 - Creating simple instructions to solve problems


As a family, write instructions to build a Lego model.

Draw a picture of what the model will look like completed and challenge a family member to build it following your instructions.

After which, you could debug the instructions together. Could they be improved?


Week beginning 18th May 2020 - Creating simple instructions to solve problems


Fancy some lunch?

Thinking about recipes again, why not write a recipe to create a sandwich?

Can your family follow it?

The best bit is that you get to eat the sandwich!

The video link below will help you to refine your instructions.


Below are some useful links to websites, videos, activities and online learning linked to Year 1 Computing.

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