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Below are our Year 1 online learning activities to keep the children occupied and in touch with their learning at home whilst school is closed. Please keep checking this page daily for updates.

Our current 'Maths resources', 'Phonics and reading resources', 'Writing resources', 'Homework' and each class teachers' spelling pages contain further resources to access and spelling practise from spelling lists that have already taken place in the previous months.

If you have any questions or queries about any of the activities materials below, please contact your child's class teacher using the Year 1 email address

We hope that you all stay safe and healthy with your loved ones during this difficult time.

Best wishes.

The Year 1 team


 Summer Term Curriculum Topic

'Where in the world'

Our aim is to provide the children with a stimulating and enriching learning experience across the curriculum.


‘Where in the world' has a Geography focus. The children will be taking part in outdoor activities, including daily walks in and around their neighbourhood. The children will be learning to use locational language, such as 'next to', 'far away from' and 'near to' whilst walking around outside to help them describe the location of different features in their local environment.

The children will continue to develop their knowledge of the countries within the United Kingdom, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and extend this knowledge further by learning about some of the continents in the world, such as Europe and North America. By learning about some of the continents around the world, the children will look at videos of hot and cold tourism locations and compare them.

What clothes are people wearing?

What does this tell you about the temperate of the location? What activities are taking place? 

Do these give us an idea of what season it is in this part of the world?

Last term, we began drawing maps of somewhere in our school, so we wanted to use this skill again but this time help the children to draw a map of the area that they live in.

How many houses are there? How many trees are there?


Science this term will be focused around plants. By the end of this unit of learning, your child should be comfortable to label the features of a plant and have a developed understanding of what plants need in order to help them grow. We will be incorporating some Art and Design within our Science home learning by using leaves from the garden or your local park to make leaf prints! 


We will be continuing to provide the children with Music lessons once a week. These will include learning songs, playing un-tuned instruments and thinking about how Music makes us feel.  


Mrs Leadley and Senora Shorrock have explained below the RE and Spanish home learning for the children. There are many exciting, interactive and enriching learning activities to take part in here.







Log of House Points

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