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Year 1

Class 1M is taught by Miss Mills.

Class 1K is taught by Mr Kirby.

Class 1H is taught by Miss Hodges.

Our teaching assistants in Year 1 are Mrs Broomes, Mrs Bhathal, Mrs Pedley and Miss Morris. Miss Patterson also teaches 1H on a Monday afternoon.

Here you will be able to find useful information and links for homework activities, school projects, events and other exciting things that are happening in our year group this year.

Our newsletter page below provides you with further information about what will be taught and occurring across the curriculum in each term of the academic school year.

Our transition booklet below will answer all of your questions about the curriculum in Year 1 and what is expected by teachers as a whole. If you have any further questions about how you can support your child with the transition from EYFS to KS1,  please speak to your child's class teacher and they will be more than happy to help


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Important things to remember!


  • £1 for toast if you wish to have it everyday for the week
  • 20p for toast if you are only paying for the day
  • Indoor PE kits. See our termly newsletter for further information about the appropriate clothing.


  • 20p for toast if you are only paying for the day
  • I don't need anything extra today!


  • 20p for toast if you are only paying for the day
  • Library books to be returned (Year 1 visit the library on a Wednesday afternoon)


  • 20p for toast if you are only paying for the day
  • My home reading books and RWI books inside my school book bag.
  • Outdoor PE kits. Please ensure the children have appropriate clothing and footwear in school to go outside in all weathers.
  • Spelling record sheets for your child's RWI teacher. Please put these with their reading records.


  • 20p for toast if you are only paying for the day
  • My home reading books and RWI books inside my school book bag

 Spring Term Topic

’A long time ago’

Our aim is to provide the children with a stimulating and enriching learning experience across the curriculum. This may include meeting special visitors, trips in and around the local area as well as further afield and some outdoor learning experiences.

‘A long time ago’ has a History focus, however the children will still have aspects of Art, Science and Geography taught to provide them with a rich and engaging curriculum experience in school. We will also be continuing to provide the children with Music lessons once a week that focus on playing tuned and un-tuned instruments, in particular dynamics and pitch.

The children will be developing their knowledge and understanding about history as a whole, why it is important and why we learn about the past. The children will be comparing and describing different objects and artefacts from the past. Also the children will learn about significant events that have happened in the past that have helped to shape the world that they live in today. 


Year 1's Big Questions

1. How do we know about the past if we cannot remember?

2. Why have objects changed over time?

3. What would it be like to have dinosaurs living in today's world?

Writing is a fantastic way for children to express their thoughts, creativity and uniqueness.

It is also an essential way in which children learn to organise ideas and to help them become better readers.

The pdf document attached below is a helpful tool for parents and carers to use at home to help their children's writing progress and develop even further.

The activities suggested in the booklet can be used and applied across all year groups, not just in Year 1.


KS1 Spelling Bee Competition Year 1 Words

Log of House Points

  • Maple 4397
  • Beech 4106
  • Oak 3988