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Today is our final lesson on finishing our film reviews. 

We are going to be focusing on the plot of the film and recommendations that we would make. 


First we will look at the plot. I would like you to write a short summary of the film, focusing on the key events. 

  • What happens?
  • Beginning, middle and end.
  • Are there any plot twists? 


Remember we don't need our summarises to be too detailed as they are used to give the readers an insight into the story. Therefore, we don't want to give too much detail away. 


Once you have written your summary of the plot, read over your work and check your spellings, punctuation and sense. 


Now I would like you to think about your recommendations. 

  • Who would you recommend this film to?
  • Explain your answer in detail. 


Remember, when we are recommending films to someone else we need to think of why and provide appropriate explanations. You can't say 'I would recommend it to Craig because he's my friend'. It might be that your friend or family members like that genre of film or maybe they like some of the actors/actresses in the film.



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