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Year 3

Year 3


Functions/ Notions

Core language

Phonic focus


Autumn 1

  • Revision and consolidation of Year 2.
  • Classroom instructions
  • Increased TL use in classroom
  • Listen and respond to instructions.
  • Revision and consolidation of the Alphabet.
  • Identify classroom commands.
  • Escuchad, escribid, silencio, sentaos, paraos, entrad, salid, levantaos, abrid los cuadernos, cerrad los cuadernos, guardar vuestras cosas.
  • id
  • aos
  • ad
  • s

Autumn 2

  • Classroom objects
  • Celebrations
  • Identify classroom objects, colour and match.
  • Write simple sentences describing what there is in your pencil case.
  • Vocab building, gender of nouns, ask and answer simple questions
  • Learn basic vocabulary related to Christmas celebration.
  • Sing songs “Cascabel” and “Feliz Navidad”



  • Lápiz, goma, estuche, cartera, colores, rotulador, regla, boli, cuaderno, libro.
  • Feliz Navidad
  • r
  • gl
  • ch


Spring 1

  • Family
  • Name family members.
  • Interpret a family tree.
  • Vocab building, gender of nouns, ask and answer questions in a sentence (Tengo…)


  • Madre, padre, hermano/a, abuela/o,

tía/o, madrastra, padrastro. 

  • dre
  • tro


Spring 2

  • Character & personality
  • Use basic adjectives to describe personality and character.
  • Use verb “es”
  • Read and write simple sentences.
  • Match simple adjectival agreement (m/f), negation


  • Buena/o, cariñosa/o,

inteligente, divertido/a, hablador/a

  • g
  • h


Summer 1

  • Face and Physical descriptions
  • Learn parts of the face.
  • Read and respond to simple descriptions of size, hair, eyes.
  • Use adjectives in a sentence with qualifiers and/or connectives, adjectival agreement, tener & ser.
  • Ask and answer questions with detail



  • Cabeza, cara, ojos, boca, nariz, orejas, boca, dientes, pelo.
  • Colores
  • Adjectives (grande, pequeño, alto, bajo, rizado, liso, rubio)
  • z
  • ie

Summer 2

  • Hispanic dance
  • Compare life in a Spanish speaking country (Puerto Rico) to life in Great Britain. Source: Spanish Simply.
  • Cultural development, language understanding through context and previous knowledge.
  • baile, bomba, ritmo, música, calles.





Reading: Use phonic and other language learning strategies to read out words.


Speaking: Can introduce themselves and ask for someone’s name, age and feeling. They can recite the Alphabet.


Listening: Identify simple words, listen to simple songs, poems and stories.


Writing: Write words and simple sentences.



Log of House Points

  • Maple 12,154
  • Beech 11,613
  • Oak 11,597