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Absence & Punctuality

Absence from School

If your child is absent from school for any reason parents or guardians must let us know why by telephoning before 9am on the first day of the absence. A voicemail facility exists for parents to leave messages. This will ensure we comply with the Department for Education (DfE) regulations on registration and absences.


If your child has suffered from sickness (vomiting) and or diarrhoea please see our Sickness and Diarrhoea Policy under the policy section of our website. 



We open our gates at 8.45am. Children can arrive from 8:45-8:55 and use the nearest entrance to their classroom. Children who arrive after 9am will have to enter school via the main reception and report to a member of the school office team. 


Arriving late for school gives your child an upsetting start to the day. Children thrive on routine, and do not like to stand out from their peers. Having to join the class when everybody else is settled and ready to learn can embarrass and worry many children. Just five minutes late will mean they may have missed the opportunity to share important news or messages with their teacher, who is trying to introduce the learning for the day. They will also miss the starter learning challenge, offered to the class while children arrive and the register is taken. A regular five minutes a day adds up to a whole three days lost learning per year. 



Main school is dismissed at 3.30pm and parents are required to arrange collection of their child(ren) at this time. Any child that is not collected at dismissal time will be sent to Woodpeckers and late collection charges applied.  


Holidays in Term-time

Taking holidays in term time is discouraged. It has a damaging impact on the educational attainment and progress of your child, therefore we would request that parents refrain from taking a family holiday in term time.


We ask that all parents accommodate holidays or absence that can be planned for e.g. family occasions during the 13 weeks available in the year when the school is not in session and by so doing, support their children in maximising their learning in school time. Requests for leave of absence from school during term is only granted in very exceptional circumstances.


All term time leave requests must be made in advance and in writing to the Headteacher. Failure to do this may result in potential safeguarding concerns.  Please note this is also applicable to nursery aged children.

Full details of our attendance policy and attendance guidance for parents is available here:

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