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Phonics and reading resources

RWI Phonics

In Year 1, we continue to use Read Write Inc (RWI) as our main phonics and reading scheme. Children will continue to learn all of the sounds needed to help them read and write accurately. These need to be learned in the context of real words and nonsense/alien words (made up words). The teaching staff in Year 1 will have told you more about this during parents evenings and the Year 1 parent workshop. The website link below will tell you more about RWI.

If you would like any further information about your own child's progress or performance in reading, please speak to your child's class teacher and they will be more than happy to help.

RWI set 2 & 3 sounds

Below are set 1/2/3 sounds that we recap everyday in our RWI/Literacy lessons. Practise recalling these with your children at home.

Above are the sounds that the children recap everyday in their RWI/Literacy lesson. Some children will still be learning some of these sounds. Please continue to practise recalling these at home with your child. You could even write some words down at home that contain each of these sounds and get your child to practise reading them. 

Reading activities you can do at home

Above are questions to ask your child whilst you are reading with them.

The pdf document below shows the words that children in Year 1 have the read and spell correctly by the end of the year.

In Year 1, we expect children by the end of Summer to read some words containing the endings 'ed', 'ing', 'er', 'es' and 'est'. Below show some examples for you to work your way through at home.

At the end of Year 1, we expect children to read some words containing two or more syllables. Below are some examples for your to practise reading with your children at home.

Below are questions that you can ask your child at home whilst they are reading to you and after.

In Year 1, it is equally important to read with understanding as well as reading phonetically.

Further online links for phonics and reading practise

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