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Literacy Targets – 1,2,3,4,6

Lesson 4

Today I would like you to think about one character from the animation, the vulture. What does he look like? (eyes, feathers, beak, claws) What is his personality like? Underneath, you have a picture of the vulture, I would like you to mind map any words or phrases that you would use to describe this creature. Remember, you must try to up level your vocabulary when using descriptive language.

You might want to re-watch the ‘Catch it’ animation again up until 2.40 to help you gather any descriptive words.

Now that you have created your mind map, I would like you to write a paragraph using these descriptive words and phrases, creating a character description about the vulture.

Modelled Example:

Within the dry, sandy and dismal desert lived a grotesque creature known as the vulture. As he perched on the tree branches, his gnarly, sharp claws dug into the bough beneath him sending chips of bark scattering amongst the sand. His damp, dirty and matted feathers would release a stench that infected the nearing perimeter around him, following him as he moved nomadically through the wasteland. Microscopic, piercing eyes would remain vigilant, scouring the land for carcasses.

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Log of House Points

  • Maple 2554
  • Beech 2477
  • Oak 2648