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Miss Barber and Mr Pusey's Maths group

               Miss Barber and Mr Pusey's Maths resources for the week


Six Times Table Song! (Cover of CHEERLEADER by OMI)

Mr. DeMaio and friends cover the summer hit, Cheerleader by OMI, in this fun multiplication video that can be used to help you memorize your six times table!...

Equivalent fractions: one half

Adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator

Converting mixed fractions to top heavy fractions

Remember to follow the same steps each time:Multiply your whole number by the denominator then add this to the numerator to make a top heavy fraction!

Multiplying Fractions

Please find the method for multiplying fractions (excuse the camerawork - I'm still getting used to this!)

Dividing fractions (including with a whole number)

Remember the KFC method!K: Keep the first fractionF: Flip the second fractionC: change the division symbol to a multiplications symbol

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