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Religious Education

Welcome to Religious Education at Blackwood School.

Religious Education at Blackwood School.

Blackwood School is excited to announce further developments in our Religious Education curriculum through the use and adaptation of the new Walsall SACRE Agreed Syllabus for RE. Through questioning, response to religious texts and practices and research-based tasks, our children will be supported in further developing their skills, enabling them to become respectful members of their own and wider world community.

Religious education at Blackwood school provides insights into aspects of the variety of world religons represented by our pupils and also supports and acknowledges those of spiritual or no belief. Our aim is to further the knowledge, understanding and acceptance of the beliefs and teachings of others, working towards a harmonious membership of a culturally diverse community. Through links to British Values (democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty , mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.) we are able to respond and question, sharing individual opinion supported by well chosen examples from our topics of study.

Throughout our lessons, run the threads of Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural foci. Recognising and developing these links enables the further holistic development of our children. Identifying positive influences and role models, lessons to be learnt or what may be truly important in our lives are regular themes within our curriculum.

Learning in RE takes place in a variety of forms. Written responses, use of technology to research or take virtual tours, role play, site visits and 3D creativity and guest speakers are just some of the ways in which our children explore our topics. This variety supports and develops the different ways that our children learn and offers opportunity for all to make progress.




R.E. topic overview 2020-2021



Distance learning for Religious Education.


During this time of distance learning, I will continue to provide activities for your child to complete at home. This is a great opportunity for you to explore and discuss how other people may live their lives, compare your experiences and reflect upon what is important to your own family. 

Please stay safe.

Looking forward to when we can be all back together.

Mrs Leadley.

RE Topic overview 2019-2020

Our Topic overview for 2018-2019

Year One R.E.

What can you see in this artwork?
The Genesis story in pictures.
What questions could you ask about this?
Guru Nanak inspires us to share.
How does creating something make you feel?
My favourite creation.
My favourite creation.
How can you share?
We think about how to be kind to others.
Guru Nanak inspired people to think about others.
Sharing is caring.
Sharing Lego is more fun.
Celebrating Guru Nanak's birthday.Think of others.
Baptism of Baby Blackwood.

Year Two RE.

Researching the Last Supper.
Year Two used QR codes for their research.

Year Three RE

What can you spot in this picture?
Linking Bible quotes with images.
Discussion is key in RE
Ranking ways of showing respect.
Research about why people go to church.
Research about why people go to church.

Year Four RE

Using QR codes for research.
Big questions. Why do people pray?
Responses from real children.

Year Five RE

Ideas about why Prophet Muhammad is important.
Discussion shares ideas.
Christmas dove of peace.

Year 6 RE

Who is a leader?
Inspiring people.
Who is your role model?
Inspiring leaders.
Your thoughts on leaders.
Consolidating learning.

Wonderful Easter artwork.

Yr 6 focused on the resurrection and new life.
Yr 2 looked at the money changers in the temple.
Yr 3 Who would you invite to the last supper?
The last Supper
The Last Supper
Yr 4 Looked at the betrayal.
Yr 4 Betraying kiss.
Yr 5 Investigated the crucifixion.
Yr 5 The crucifixion.
Yr 6 New life and hope.
Yr 6 The resurrection.
Yr 5 The crucifixion.
Yr 5 The crucifixion.

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