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Literacy Targets – 2, 4, 5, 7

Lesson 5


Watch the clip ‘Catch it’ from 1.23 to 2.40. 

This animation is a silent movie. Although there is music in the background, none of the characters are talking. I would like you to think about what the meerkats and the vulture may be saying to one another, during this section of the animation.

In order to write the speech, I would like you to;

  • Use speech marks accurately – remember speech marks come as a pair. punctuation goes inside the punctuation marks and start a new line for a new speaker.
  • Expand on your ideas using conjunctions.
  • Ideas must be appropriate to the character and link to what is happening.
  • Up level your vocabulary – remember you don’t always need to use the word ‘said’, you could use shouted, whispered, roared, cackled.


This lesson gives you time to focus on your handwriting, understanding the positioning of speech marks and expanding on your sentences. Next week we will be writing a retell, where we will be including speech within our story.


Modelled Example:

“Quick take cover, incoming!” shouts one of the meerkats.

The vulture’s cackle echoes throughout the desert “You can’t hide from me; I can see you hiding in your little boroughs”

“Don’t you dare touch our fruit or you will pay, we have been waiting for it to grow all year!” yelled the meerkats.

“You mean this juicy fruit here, that is ready to be eaten?” the vulture replied whilst snatching the fruit from the branch and flying away laughing cruelly.

PDF link to the literacy task above

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