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Dear Parents,

A few of you may be new to Blackwood or you may have not come across the RWI scheme that we follow for literacy. We have created this webpage to help you support your child with their learning in RWI. It includes several videos which have the teacher demonstrating how we teach and therefore how you can support from home. Make sure you follow the link to your child’s RWI teacher so you will be able to see what we are teaching in class and you receive the correct information for your child. We group the children according to their sound and blending knowledge so we can pitch the teaching at the correct level for your child. This will help us ensure there are no gaps in their learning. These groups are very fluid and children can move between them based on their areas to develop.

During some of the videos you will see the teachers using resources from the RWI parent pack. This pack includes whiteboard, white board pen, RWI set 1 sounds, wall frieze and guidance book for parents to help your child read and write. If you would like to purchase please go on to your parent pay account where you have been sent a message on how to purchase the pack, it costs £10.

Parent video: How to say the sounds

Parent video: Sound blending

Parent video: Handwriting

Parent video: 10 things to think about when you read to your child

RWI parent workshop powerpoint

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