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Lesson 9


Today we are going to be retelling the third and final part of the animation into our own words, continuing out storybook.  Watch the animation again however, this time watch it from 2.54 to 5.54.


Whilst you watch it, I would like you to think about what is happening in this part of the animation. You might want to write some notes along the way. 

Catch It - ESMA 2015

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These are the notes that we made; 

  • The vulture catches the fruit
  • The meerkats distract the vulture and he crashes into a rock
  • The fruit goes flying through the air and the meerkats catch it  
  • They try to throw the fruit back on the tree but ending up splitting it in half. 

Now that you have made your notes, I would like you to begin to retell this section of the animation, turning your notes into sentences.  Remember you must include;

  • Descriptive writing (adjectives, adverbs)
  • Conjunctions (if, so, but, because)
  • Punctuation (speech marks, exclamation marks, question marks) 

 Modelled example; 

The meerkats tried their best to slow Vinny down. Mikey was at the bottom of the chain, digging his heels into the sand as hard as he could. It was too late, Vinny began to pick up speed and before they knew it they were flying through the air. They held on as best as they could as they soared through the sky and over their boroughs. “WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!” shouted Maddie. Although being so high off the ground seemed scary, it was so much fun. Marty didn’t feel the same. The vulture looked back at the trail that had now formed behind him, he knew that picking up speed wasn’t working but what if he stopped? He came to a sudden halt, sending the meerkats hurtling through the air along with the fruit. This wasn’t part of the plan, Vinny had to get the fruit back. “The fruit!” shouted Maddie as she leaned forward, just about managing to grasp it in her palms. She clung onto the fruit with both hands whilst tumbling towards the ground. The meerkats followed, protecting her from Vinny. As Marty looked up he saw Vinny flying towards Maddie. “Quick, pass it here!” yelled Marty who put out his paws to catch the fruit. Maddie threw the fruit as Vinny barged into her, sending her plummeting to the ground. Marty began passing the fruit between the others, tricking Vinny. Mikey thought that he’d try a volley ball pass considering it was the pass he had learnt recently with Marty. As he volleyed the fruit, he looked up to find that he had accidently passed the fruit to Vinny but it slipped through his claws. “Mikey!” screeched Marty “What have you done?” 


“I’m sorry” Mikey replied. Vinny raced towards the ground followed by the meerkats. Vinny caught the fruit and began flying off towards the Rocky Mountains. The meerkats tried as hard as they could to distract Vinny by jumping on his back however, Marty knew what was about to happen and told the others to jump off. As they did so, Vinny looked back. They’ve given up, he thought. I’ve won! As he faced towards the direction he was flying in, he realised that he was seconds away from crashing into the Rocky Mountains. Crash! As Vinny was stuck within the rocky mountain, he released the fruit which came tumbling towards the ground. The meerkats gasped as Maddie ran to catch it. The desert fell silent as they waited for the outcome. “She’s done it!” shouted Marty and all of the meerkats began to cheer. They ran back towards the tree, throwing it to one another. They reached a close enough distance when Mikey kicked the fruit back at the tree. He was hoping that it would land exactly where it was before Vinny had stole it from them. They waited patiently watching he fruit flying towards the tree, hands over mouths and sweat dripping from their foreheads. It was so close; the meerkats all began to cheer with excitement. Several seconds passed before they heard a loud SPLAT! The fruit had fell onto the floor and had broken in half. The meerkats stood as still as statues, ears twitching. Mikey whispered “Ooops!” Vinny pulled himself off the rock and wearily flew over the meerkats. “You’re not so clever now are you?” Vinny laughed.  

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Log of House Points

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