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Lesson 7 – Using persuasive language

Watch the animation – The Little Shoemaker from the beginning up until 2.55.

CGI Animated Short Film HD "The Small Shoemaker " by La Petite Cordonnier Team | CGMeetup

The Little Shoemaker by La Petite Cordonnier Team / Gilead Alais, Terry Bonvard, Charley Carlier, Romain Cislo, Pierre-Yves Lefebvre, Philip Lim, Benjamin an...

As you can see, Mr Botte is desperate to get customers to come into his shop to purchase some shoes. He is advertising discounts in order to encourage customers to buy his shoes however, it is not working. Despite increasing the discounts, he still isn’t making any money and is starting to give up.


Look at the sign that Mr Botte uses in order to encourage customers to enter his shop. Would you be interested in entering his shoe shop if you saw that sign? Does it grab your attention?


Today I would like you to create an advertisement that Mr Botte could place in his shop window in order to persuade customers to come into his store.

Think about;

  • What’s special about his shoes?

  • Colour and size of the sign.

  • Will you include any images?

  • Will you offer any discounts?

  • Where would it be positioned?

  • Will you use a phrase or slogan?

Remember, you want all of the customers to gravitate towards Mr Botte’s shoe shop therefore, your advertisement needs to be extravagant.


In order to support your advertisement, I have attached a power point that explains the use of persuasive language. This may give you some ideas on what you can include in your advertisement for Mr Botte’s shoe shop.

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