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Below you will find copies of your spelling word lists that have already been sent home to practise. Spend some time practising your spellings and then ask someone at home to test you. We have also included the Year 3 and 4 word lists for any additional practice you might like to do!


You could try some of the ideas below:

  • Look, say, cover, write, check
  • Pyramid write them
  • Rainbow write them
  • Making them out of playdoh
  • Spell the word out loud while throwing a ball to someone
  • Make a word search using your spellings
  • Write sentences using your spellings
  • Play hangman
  • Use magnetic letters or scrabble pieces to build your words
  • Make up a rap or song using your words
  • Look for words within words e.g. 'separate' has 'a rat' in the middle


Keep your tests and bring them back into school so that we can stick them into your spelling books.

Mr Nicholls and Miss Brady's group

Year 3 and 4 words

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