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Music Home Learning

If your child has been sent a username and login for Charanga by their class teacher, they can begin accessing the online Music activities that have been set up on their class page.

You need to access your child's class page when you have logged in.

Click on the pink Yumu Packages tab.

You can choose either 'BIG BEAR FUNK' or 'YOUR IMAGINATION'.

We hope you enjoy the musical activities that Charanga has to offer.

Questions to think about after having watched Andy's video:


1. What is Andy wearing in The North Pole and in The South Pole?


2. If Andy was in a hotter place on the planet, what might he wear?

HELPFUL HINT: Will the clothes be the same or different?


3. What is the physical environment like in The North Pole and in The South Pole?

HELPFUL HINT: Are there any cliffs or mountains? Can you see any hills? Are there any lakes? How many of these things can you see?

Week beginning 18th May 2020 - See the Charanga information at the top of the page to access the musical activities available on their website. Please contact your child's class teacher using the Year 1 email if you have any problems logging in.
Below are some useful links to websites, videos, activities and online learning linked to Year 1 Music.

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