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The literacy lesson that is provided below will follow on from the 4 lessons which were uploaded onto our Year Group page before the Easter Holidays. If you have completed the previous literacy lessons then you can continue to follow the planning on this page.


If you haven't yet completed the previous literacy lessons then you will need to do so before completing the lessons on this page. To find these, go to our Year Group page and look for the literacy folder underneath the subheading - Previous learning before the Easter holidays. 

Lesson 5


Starter - Literacy target 8

Main - Literacy targets 1, 2, 5, 6

Now that you have visualised what you can see, hear and how you would feel writing in role of the boy, have a go at turning these ideas into a description of the forest.

Remember when you’re using descriptive language you want to include:

  • Adjectives (describing words) – E.g. beautiful, gargantuan, mysterious.
  • Adverbs – E.g. slowly, carefully, forgetfully.
  • Conjunctions to expand on your ideas – E.g. because, so, if.
  • Similes – E.g. comparing two or more objects using the words like/as.
  • Question marks and Exclamation marks


Modelled Example

As I made my way into the forest I could see dark, twisted trees and a layer of soft, white mist covered the path. In the distance, I could hear a flock of birds tweeting happily amongst the tree tops. The dry twigs cracked and rustled beneath my feet as I strolled along the path that had been created by human footsteps. My cheeks began to sting as the icy wind slowly swept across my face. The smell of rotting leaves filled my nostrils but I walked, no pushed myself further into the darkness. A sense of guilt crept into my mind, was I wrong to disobey my mother’s orders?

PDF Link to the Literacy Task above

Log of House Points

  • Maple 2554
  • Beech 2477
  • Oak 2648