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Welcome to our Governors’ section.


Please find below details of how our Local Governing Board is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

The Local Governing Board's aim is to take a largely strategic role in the running of a school.

This includes deciding what they want the school to achieve and setting the strategic framework for getting there. This means:


  • Setting suitable aims and objectives for the school
  • Agreeing policies, targets and priorities
  • Monitoring and reviewing aims and objectives, and whether the policies, targets and priorities are being achieved
  • Acting as a 'critical friend' to the headteacher by providing advice and support


At Blackwood School, our Local Governing Board is made up of the following members:


Neil Taylor                     (Co-opted Governor)      Term of office 05.10.20 - 04.10.24  LGB Appointed

Vice chair

Helen Watkins              (Co-opted Governor)         Term of office 19.11.21 - 18.11.25   LGB Appointed


Lindsay Charles      (Staff  Governor)             ex-officio

Hannah Whiles        (Staff Governor)              Term of office 22.11.22-21.11.26 Staff Election

Shannon Moore      (Co-opted Governor)    Term of office 12.04.22 - 13.04.26  Apt by LGB Chair GSLC

Emma Barnes          (Co-opted Governor)       Term of office 04.07.22-03.07.25 LGB Appointed

Thomas Dilloway      (Parent Governor)          Term of office 25.01.22-24.01.25 Parent Election

Sofia Fatima              (Parent Governor)          Term of office 11.05.21-10.05.25 Parent Election
Jenny Young                (Parent Governor)          Term of office 17.10.22-16.10.26 Parent Election   


Clerk to Governors - Claire Walker 


Retired in the Previous Academic Year
Eve Higginson                  (LA Governor)               Term of office 18.06.21-06.12.21

Chris Lane                     (Parent Governor)          Term of office 19.12.18-04.01.22- 

Tejinder Malhi               (Co-opted Governor)          Term of office 30.11.20 - 15.07.22
Emma Massey               (Staff Governor)             Term of office  22.11.17-21.11.21
Angela Mott                 (Co-opted Governor)       Term of office 09.7.20-08.11.21

Jinn Kudhail                  (Parent Governor)        Term of office 31.01.20-16.10.22 Parent Election

Bayant Bhogal             (Parent Governor)            Term of office 17.10.22-16.10.26 Parent Election

Andrew Parker             (Co-opted Governor)     Term of office 14.07.21-19.02.23Appointed by LGB



Messages from our Chair and Vice Chair of Governors

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