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Skill Based - Making appropriate choices

Lesson 3


This session we would like you to choose the personality traits of some of the shoes within the shoe shop. This will support your writing next week, when you write in role of one of these shoes.


Using the shoes below, we would like you to use your imagination to think about;

  • Their personality – grumpy, sporty, enthusiastic, lazy
  • Their likes and dislikes – travelling, adventures, sleeping, warmth, parties


Use what you know about some of these shoes to help you with making these choices. E.g. Trainers are usually worn for sporting activities which involve a lot of energy and enthusiasm.


You don’t need to write in full sentences, you may bullet point your ideas for each one. Remember the skill for this lesson is to ensure that your ideas/ choices are appropriate to the shoe E.g. A slipper wouldn’t necessarily be energetic and enthusiastic compared to a trainer.


You can use the template below or create your own.

PDF link to the task above and template

Log of House Points

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