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Work to support our Religious Education lessons.

As it is coming up to Easter we will be talking a lot about the Christian story of Easter and what that means to them. We will also talk about symbols that represent parts of the story such as a palm leaf to symbolise Palm Sunday.


Follow this link to find out how some Christians prepare for and celebrate this time.


You could make a poster to show what happens during this time.


Many people make Easter gardens in a small tray at this time. See if you can find some plants, moss and flowers in your garden and give it a go. Mrs Leadley would love to see the pictures!


Find the links below.


If you are interested in finding out more about other religions then take the link to BBC bitesize KS1 Religious Education. 

Can you find some facts about :-

  • Special times.
  • Special places.
  • Special celebrations.

How are they similar or different to what you do?


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