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Opening times

Our School Day


Due to social distancing guidelines, we currently have staggered start and finish times for children in Reception to Year 6. The children have been allocated start and finish times depending on their house group. Please see below for details:


Oak: 8.30am - 3.15pm

Maple: 8.40am - 3.25pm

Beech: 8.50am - 3.35pm


If your child is in Nursery, please speak to the nursery teachers to find out their start and finish times.


Reception Classes

RKC & RB- Please drop off and collect from the classroom door.

RFW- Please drop off and collect from the door inside the courtyard, between Woodpeckers and the year 3 classroom.


Year 1

Drop off and collect from the door next to the staff car park.


Year 2

Drop off and collect from the courtyard between Woodpeckers and the year 3 classroom.


Year 3

Drop off at the year 3 door, overlooking the field. Collect from the KS2 playground.


Year 4

Drop off at the year 4 side entrance door, and collect from the KS2 playground, near to the year 4 classroom, opposite end to the field.


Year 5

Drop off and collection at the door by the slope near to Ms Coles' office, accessed via the path by the field. 


Year 6

Drop off at either Miss Barbers door, the year 5 door or the year 4 door depending on where their classroom is located. Collect all year 6 from the steps on the KS2 playground.


Any late arrivals will need to make their way to the front entrance and enter the building from there.

With our system there won't be the chance to catch the class teacher for a brief word in the morning. Mike Milne will still be on duty at the Cedar Drive gate and Ms Coles will be by the Blackwood Road entrance. There will be members of staff on all external doors who will take down any messages that parents may wish to relay to specific class teachers. Alternatively, any messages can be written in a short note and put in the children's bags with clear instructions for them to deliver the note to their teacher. Notes and messages can also be left with the School Office team. Emails sent to school are checked throughout the day and can be redirected to specific class teachers as required. Please email at


For safeguarding reasons parents will not be permitted into the building unless invited to an assembly and shown into the school hall via the main entrance.


Log of House Points

  • Maple 7819
  • Beech 7542
  • Oak 7651