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Year 6

Year 6


Functions/ Notions

Core language

Phonic focus


Autumn 1

All about me

  • General revision and consolidation of previous learning. Introduce self – name, age, nationality, birthday.
  • Exchange personal details
  • Ask and answer questions about self
  • Read and understand a simple paragraph.



  • Me llamo, vivo, soy, tengo, mi dirección es..., mi número de teléfono es..., hablo...
  • ¿Cómo, cuántos, dónde?
  • ll
  • ce, ci
  • ca, co, cu
  • silent h

Autumn 2

All about me


  • Revision of the alphabet, numbers, dates, months and feelings.
  • “Chat show” interview a Christmas character.
  • Learn about Navidad in a Spanish speaking country.
  • Listen and respond to basic Christmas vocabulary.
  • Sing “Cascabel” and “Feliz Navidad”



  • The alphabet.
  • Numbers.
  • Dates.
  • Feliz Navidad


  • u , w
  • g, j

Spring 1

My town

  • Name places.
  • Describe your town . ¿Cómo es tu pueblo?
  • Use descriptive adjectives.
  • Describe what there is.
  • Recycle language and structures in new context (Hay/es), estar v ser


  • Places (país, ciudad, pueblo, aldea)
  • Descriptive adjectives (bonita, fea/o, grande, pequeña, tranquila, ruidosa, limpia, sucia)
  • parque, río, montañas, cine, tiendas, supermercados, escuelas)
  • ñ
  • que/qui
  • g, j
  • or

Spring 2

My house



  • Name rooms in a house.
  • Describe a home. ¿Cómo es tu casa?
  • Use descriptive adjectives.
  • Recycle language and structures in new context (Hay/es), estar Vs ser
  • Write a description of your ideal house.
  • House (casa, habitación, dormitorio, cocina, baño, sala de estar, garaje, patio, jardín).
  • Descriptive adjectives (bonita, fea/o, grande, pequeña, ordenada, desordenada, limpia, sucia)


  • ñ
  • g, j
  • or

Summer 1

My room


  • Describe a room in a house.
  • Use prepositions of place.
  • Find out about someone’s room.
  • Identify differences in a room and write a description.
  • Recycle language and structures in new context (Hay/es), estar v ser



  • Prepositions of place (arriba, abajo, al lado, detrás, enfrente).
  • Furniture in a room (cama, moqueta, alfombra, armario, Puerta, ventana, lámpara, escritorio)



  • rr
  • j

Summer 2

My clothes & shopping

  • Name clothes.
  • Describe what people are wearing.
  • Llevar, gender + articles, adjectival agreement, extending sentences with connectives and qualifiers.
  • “Blackwood Fashion Show” reading and writing tasks.
  • Shops and what they sell, modal verbs (querer, poder), transactional dialogue, question forms, register- buying a birthday present roleplay



  • Clothes (pantalones, falda, vestido, camiseta, camisa, chaqueta, jersey, zapatos, zapatillas, gorra, guantes, calcetines)
  • j, g
  • ll
  • z





Reading: Use a variety of language learning strategies to read out words / sentences.  Increased fluency and accuracy.


Speaking: Can introduce themselves and ask for personal information.


Listening: Identify more complex words, listen to dialogues, description, songs, poems and stories.


Writing: Write words and more complex sentences. Write simple paragraphs and descriptions.



Log of House Points

  • Maple 12,154
  • Beech 11,613
  • Oak 11,597