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Important information


1. Online RWI Books

Oxford Reading Tree (who produce the RWI books) have made lots of free e-books accessible for free. All you need to do is set up a free account to access the resources. I am aware that signing up for ANOTHER site may not be something you wish to do, so I have created an account for everyone to share. If you wish to set up your own account or pay for more access to the site, you are more than welcome to.


Password: Homeowl2020
After Easter if we were in school, we would have started to read the orange books so please choose one orange book to read per week at home. There are a number of these books available here and books should be read, for 15 or so minutes, every day. By the end of the week, your child should be able to confidently and expressively read the whole text independently. The other e-books available may serve as a good source for some independent reading.


2. Daily Writing Challenges

There are daily writing challenges uploaded on the home learning page, next to the individual teachers' RWI group pages. These are not compulsory, however they are a great way for the children to practise writing their ideas down in clear sentences that make sense. This is an important skill to practise and improve upon during this time. If you would like any feedback on your child's writing, please take a photo of their work, email this to the Year 1 team's email and I will reply back with my comments. My aim is to help you as much as possible with the development of your child's writing whilst they are learning from home.


3. RWI lessons on YouTube

Daily RWI lessons will still be able to view on the RWI YouTube channel every week day (see YouTube link at the bottom of this page).


4. Daily Texts To Read Aloud

On our 'Home learning' page, there is a page called 'Daily Texts To Read Aloud'. Unless it is stated in the weekly outline of activities below, try to read one of these daily with your child or if they would like a challenge, they may try reading parts of it independently. If you have not ready any of the daily texts that we uploaded before Easter, you may choose one of those and work through them at your own pace.


5. Comprehension Activities

These can be found on our 'Home learning' page, scroll down to a sub-page called 'Comprehension Activities'. These can be done with your child if they struggle to read a large amount of text at a time on their own. You may read each question to them, but ensure that they orally say aloud their answer to each question before they write their answers down. You could choose one of these for your child to complete during 'reading' time .

If you feel that the above activities are too challenging for your child, please feel free to try these as they are differentiated and require more speaking and listening skills rather than written work.

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