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Lesson 8 - Making an prediction  

Watch the animation – The Little Shoemaker from the beginning up until 3.42

CGI Animated Short Film HD "The Small Shoemaker " by La Petite Cordonnier Team | CGMeetup

The Little Shoemaker by La Petite Cordonnier Team / Gilead Alais, Terry Bonvard, Charley Carlier, Romain Cislo, Pierre-Yves Lefebvre, Philip Lim, Benjamin an...

As you can see Mr Botte has a letter posted through his letter box.  This letter is from his arch nemsis who is requesting that he sells him his shoe shop as his company is increasing where as Mr Botte’s company is decreasing. Mr Botte loves his shoes and by the look on his face he doesn’t want to have to make this decision.


Today I would like you to write a short prediction about what you think Mr Botte is going to do.


We have written many predictions when working in the classroom therefore, you will know that when we write predictions the most important things to remember are that our ideas must be appropriate and link to what has happened so far.


Underneath, I have attached a poster that focuses on making predictions. I would like you to look at this poster and see what strategies you can use in order to make an appropriate prediction. Some of these strategies won’t apply as you are predicting an animation, not a book.

Things to consider;

  • Who is the letter from?

  • How passionate is Mr Botte about his shop?

  • What is on the floor in front of him?

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