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The Blackwood Curriculum


At Blackwood School we know that the variety of subjects in the National Curriculum work together to create the irresistible learning experience that we want for our children. We value learning that enthuses our children but also provides them with the skills and knowledge that they need to succeed in life. We are currently reviewing our curriculum to make sure that it continues to meet the needs of our children as we move into a new decade. The priorities for our curriculum are that it –

  • inspires a love of learning in children and provides experiences in subject areas which will encourage their engagement in learning into Secondary Education and beyond
  • helps children to remember key knowledge and hone skills which they can build upon throughout their primary education and later life
  • requires our children to select, evaluate and apply the knowledge and skills that they learn to answer challenging questions about the subject of the topic
  • is relevant to the world that they live in and informs them about issues which interest them and will affect them as British and global citizens
  • helps them to grow into individuals who will make positive choices for themselves and others because they have developed effective interpersonal and team working skills

We will be refining our curriculum throughout 2020 and 2021 so the amount of information available will grow as our journey progresses. You will notice that in each unit of work there is a key subject focus (such as history, DT or geography) but that the knowledge and skills from other subjects are woven into the curriculum (and revisited) when relevant.

If you require further information, please speak to your child’s teacher who will be happy to explain more.


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