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Year 3


Miss O'Dowd, Mr Nicholls, Miss Morris, Mrs Lemon and Miss Hadley would like to welcome you to our Year 3 year group page. We hope you find this a useful place to visit to gain any important information; find educational links and to have a peek at the wonderful things that are happening in Year 3!


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Over the past few weeks Year 3 have been undertaking a special STEM project focused on engineering. Every Friday afternoon, we worked on our selected projects, which included; building bridges, designing boats, making a wind turbine and making a periscope. The children worked in groups in order to complete their project. This allowed them to build upon their communication and listening skills as well as providing the opportunity for them to develop their collaborative skills. Each week we were lucky enough to have an expert from our STEM launch to assist us in the design and making process.


The designs that the children created in Year 3 were fantastic as they had thought carefully about the design process, the use of resources and had used their initiative to make changes along the way where necessary, reflecting upon their choices.


We are all so extremely proud of the children for developing their independence, exploring their creativity and for working as part of a team in order to solve the challenge that they were set.

The Stone Age

The Stone Age 1

Our topic this term is the ‘three ages’ which includes; the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age’. We will be researching and learning key facts about this period of history.


In particular, we will be focusing on 4 big questions;

  • How did people live in the Stone Age?
  • How do we know about life in the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age?
  • How did the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age contribute to our lives today?
  • Why did these three ages end?


In order to answer these big questions we will be creating cave paintings, finding out about the day to day life of a cave man or cave woman, looking at the contributions that have made to our society today and investigating why the three ages came to an end.


We have attached a Nandos'homework sheet for your children to have a go at near the bottom of our Year Group Page. This is optional however; completing the tasks will support your child’s learning within school.

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So far in maths we have been focusing on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The children have enjoyed participating in practical maths activities, in order to support them in solving these four operations.


This has provided an opportunity for the children to deepen their understanding of these concepts as it has allowed them to develop upon their concrete knowledge before moving onto pictorial and abstract.

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Spellings are important in Year 3! Below we have attached the Year 1/2 Common Exception Words as well as the 3/4 Common Exception Words that can be practised throughout the Year! The Year 3/4 Common Exception Words are words that the children should be able to spell by the end of Year 4. 


We have also attached the spellings for Group 1 and Group 2 that we will be testing the children on every Friday!


Top Tip: When we test these spellings in school we put these words into sentences which you may want to try at home!

Nandos' Homework Sheet - The Three Ages


Common Exception Words

Common Exception Words 1
Common Exception Words 2

Log of House Points

  • Maple 1908
  • Beech 1964
  • Oak 1965