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Summer term home learning timetables

We have put together a home learning timetable for the children.

  • You may find that your child is more comfortable to complete one of the activities from one of the subject areas at a different time to what is written down on the timetable.
  • You may find that your child may not complete all of the activities in one day.
  • You may find that, for example, your child does not need a full hour of physical exercise in the morning or a full hour of arts and crafts, and they may need longer on one of the other activities.

This is fine and please do not worry.

Our aim is to provide the children with a variety of learning from across the curriculum to ensure that their days at home are balanced, visual, practical and enjoyable as possible.

However, we would advise not to spend too long on one activity and ensure that they complete a balance of activities each day. Please note the activities that have been set for 'Home Learning' will not be marked when school re-opens.

If your child has an older sibling who can help with any of the activities, please take advantage of this if they are not completing their own home learning activities.

Please contact us using the Year 1 email address if you have any concerns or questions. 

We are here to help.

Many thanks and stay safe.

Miss Mills, Mr Kirby and Miss Hodges

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