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Lesson 9  

Watch the animation – The Little Shoemaker from the beginning to the end. 

CGI Animated Short Film HD "The Small Shoemaker " by La Petite Cordonnier Team | CGMeetup

The Little Shoemaker by La Petite Cordonnier Team / Gilead Alais, Terry Bonvard, Charley Carlier, Romain Cislo, Pierre-Yves Lefebvre, Philip Lim, Benjamin an...

At the end of the animation, Mr Botte’s gift of the golden shoes manages to drive his arch nemesis away, leaving his shoe shop to be the best in the town. That is until another market stool pulls up outside of his shop. However, this time Mr Botte isn’t defeated and is up for the challenge!  


Today, I would like you to write a short summary of the animation that you have just watched. Writing a summary can be very tricky as sometimes we think that we need to re-write the story however, this is not what a summary is.  
What is a summary

A summary  is a brief restatement of the important details. You don’t repeat all of the information and details because, just like a story with too much detail, this would make a summary pretty boring. You have to select and organize the information so it’s easy for someone else to understand and follow. 


In order to support your summary, I would like you to bullet point 6 main points from the animation.  Think about the who, what, where, when, why and how questions that are shown above.


Once you have answered the 6 bullet points, I would like you to turn these into short paragraph that is clear and concise.  

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Log of House Points

  • Maple 2554
  • Beech 2477
  • Oak 2648