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'Passion for learning, education for life'

Who's who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Picture 1 Ms Coles Head Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Massey Deputy Head
Picture 3 Mrs Charles Deputy Head
Picture 4 Mrs Price School Business Manager
Picture 5 Mrs Davis school administrator
Picture 6 Mrs Taylor school administrator
Picture 7 Mrs Sandoz school administrator
Picture 8 Mrs Lake- School Administrator
Picture 9 Mrs Flood- School Administrator
Picture 10 Mrs Round- Pupil Administrator
Picture 11 Mrs Aldridge- School Administrator Apprentice
Picture 12 Mrs Lake School Administrator
Picture 13 Mrs Jones School Administrator
Picture 14 Mrs Conroy LSA
Picture 15 Mrs Robson Children Advocate
Picture 16 Mr Milne Care Taker
Picture 17 Mr Pusey Year 6 Teacher
Picture 18 Miss Barber Assistant Head Phase Leader Year 6
Picture 19 Mrs Sanders Class Teacher Year 6
Picture 20 Ms Blunt Class Teacher Year 5
Picture 21 Mrs Fraser- Year 5 Teacher
Picture 22 Miss Day Class Teacher Year 5
Picture 23 Mrs Hitchman Class Teacher Year 4
Picture 24 Mr Pearce Class Teacher Year 4
Picture 25 Mrs Kalam Assistant Head Phase Leader Year 4
Picture 26 Miss O'Dowd Class Teacher Year 3
Picture 27 Miss Morris- Year 3 Teacher
Picture 28 Mr Nicholls Class Teacher Year 3
Picture 29 Mrs Lemon Class Teacher Year 3
Picture 30 Miss Neuenhaus Class Teacher Year 2
Picture 31 Miss Breakwell Class Teacher Year 2 SENco
Picture 32 Mrs Bradbury Class Teacher Year 2 & 6
Picture 33 Miss Palmer Class Teacher Year 2
Picture 34 Miss Mills Class Teacher Year 1
Picture 35 Mr Kirby Class Teacher Year 1
Picture 36 Miss Hodges- Year 1 Teacher
Picture 37 Miss Bannister- Reception Teacher
Picture 38 Mrs Fullard Class Teacher Reception
Picture 39 Miss Williams Class Teacher Reception
Picture 40 Miss Perks- Reception Teacher
Picture 41 Mrs Terry Nursery Teacher
Picture 42 Mrs Porter Nursery Teacher
Picture 43 Miss Bains Teaching Assistant
Picture 44 Mrs Youngson Teaching Assistant
Picture 45 Miss Patterson Teaching Assistant
Picture 46 Mrs Whiston Teaching Assistant
Picture 47 Mrs Blower Teaching Assistant
Picture 48 Mrs Andrews Teaching Assistant
Picture 49 Mr Murphy LSA
Picture 50 Mr Langston 1:1 LSA
Picture 51 Mrs Phelps LSA
Picture 52 Miss Yates LSA
Picture 53 Miss Morris LSA
Picture 54 Miss Taylor Teaching Assistant Apprentice Year 4
Picture 55 Miss Sandland Teaching Assistant
Picture 56 Mrs Parker Teaching Assistant
Picture 57 Miss Conlon- Teaching Assistant
Picture 58 Miss Meakin
Picture 59 Mrs Broomes- Teaching Assistant
Picture 60 Mrs Hadley - Teaching Assistant
Picture 61 Miss Fletcher Teaching Assistant
Picture 62 Miss Wright Nursery Nurse
Picture 63 Mrs Broome Nursery Teaching Assistant
Picture 64 Mrs Egan Nursery Teaching Assistant
Picture 65 Mrs Felton- EYFS TA
Picture 66 Mrs Darrock Nursery Teaching Assistant
Picture 67 Mrs Haines Nursery Teaching Assistant
Picture 68 Mrs Thomas- EYFS TA
Picture 69 Mrs Goodall Guest Teacher
Picture 70 Mrs Leadley Teacher
Picture 71 Mr Agnew P.E Teacher
Picture 72 Mr Nicholls Music Teacher
Picture 73 Mrs McFarlane -Teacher
Picture 74 Mrs Jones Class -Guest Teacher
Picture 75 Mrs Guest- Guest Teacher
Picture 76 Mrs Mason- Guest Teacher

Log of House Points

  • Maple 4397
  • Beech 4106
  • Oak 3988