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Lesson 8

Today we are going to be retelling the second part of the animation into our own words, continuing out storybook.  Watch the animation again however, this time watch it from 1.17 to 2.33.


Whilst you watch it, I would like you to think about what is happening in this part of the animation. You might want to write some notes along the way. 

Catch It - ESMA 2015

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These are the notes that we made;

  • The vulture comes and steals the fruit
  • They begin to chase the vulture trying to get the fruit back
  • They finally grab hold of the fruit, passing it to one another 

Now that you have made your notes, I would like you to begin to retell this section of the animation, turning your notes into sentences.  Remember you must include;

  • Descriptive writing (adjectives, adverbs)
  • Conjunctions (if, so, but, because)
  • Punctuation (speech marks, exclamation marks, question marks) 

 Modelled example;


A dark shadow hovered over them whilst the meerkats were admiring the sweet smelling fruit. Marty knew exactly who is was, it was Vinny the vulture who also had his sights set on eating the fruit. “Hide!” screeched one of Maddie’s siblings as all of the meerkats scurried quickly towards their burrows to take cover. Vinny surrounded the tree before perching himself on the branch that the meerkats were once sat on. He opened his mouth and let out an evil cackle that echoed throughout the desert. “You can’t hide from me; I can see you hiding in your little boroughs” “Don’t you dare touch our fruit or you will pay, we have been waiting for it to grow all year!” yelled the meerkats. “You mean this juicy fruit here, that is ready to be eaten?” the vulture replied whilst snatching the fruit from the branch and flying away, laughing cruelly. 
The meerkats made their way out of their burrows, mouths hanging wide open whilst looking at each other in astonishment. “He can’t get away with this” yelled Mikey, Marty’s cousin. He raised his fist in the air and the others followed, screaming loudly. The meerkats shouted in unison “Let the chase begin!” As the vulture looked back, he saw several legs racing towards him as fast as a gazelle. There’s no way that they’ll even be able to reach me, thought Vinny. From down below, the meerkats could see the fruit grasp within Vinny claws. “Jump!” shouted Maddie to Marty.                 “There’s no way I’ll reach” screamed Marty. He looked over at Maddie would had her hands ready to give Marty a boost so that he could reach the fruit dangling above his head. He closed his eyes, heart beating through his chest and took the risk. He opened his eyes mid jump and found himself flying through the air. His stomach began to churn, he felt sick but he reached out and to his surprise he managed to grab hold of the fruit. He held on as tightly as he could but Vinny felt a heavy weight pushing down on his claws, he tried to shake him off and after several seconds he had succeeded, Marty was tumbling towards the ground. “Are you okay?” said Maddie. Marty stood back up brushing the sand off his back. “Give me another boost!” he replied.                                     “Are you sure?” asked Maddie.  “Just do it, I nearly had it” answered Marty. He ran towards Maddie, who put out her palms and threw him back up towards Vinny. He gripped his nails as hard as he could. “Now what?” he yelled down to Maddie. As he looked down, he could see all of the meerkats grabbing hold of each other’s legs, turning themselves into a paper chain. 

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Log of House Points

  • Maple 2554
  • Beech 2477
  • Oak 2648