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Science Day

Our Science Day this year had a 'Health & Fitness' theme. Each year group had a specific area of health or fitness to focus upon:


Reception - Looked at body parts and how our bodies are put together. 

Year 1 - Used what they have learned in their PE lessons with WBA to create a multi-skills course

             which used all parts of the body.

Year 2 - Had a visit from a Nutritionist where they explored which parts of plants that we eat.

             They also designed a balanced menu for a week.

Year 3 - Had a visit from the Karate Instructor where they looked at the importance of muscles;

              how they move and how to exercise them. They then designed a routine which involved all

              of the major muscle groups.

Year 4 - Explored the dangers of smoking and alcohol and created promotional videos or posters to

              warn of the effects on the body.

Year 5 - Had a visit from a PE specialist from Streetly Academy who discussed the elements of

              Sports Science and they created an exercise regime which combined a variety of


Year 6 - Had a visit from a drugs & alcohol specialist and carried out an investigation about the

              effects of different exercises on heart rate.

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