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'Loving Learning, Learning Skills for Life'

Our Values

'Loving Learning,

Learning Skills for Life'


In Year 3, we welcome and support our pupils on their journey to becoming more independent, self-confident learners, who are fully engaged and involved in their education. We work together to learn the importance of good manners, respect to all and to be tolerant of the views of others. Our 5 core values are very important to us and are at the heart of all that we do. 


L - Love 

E - Excellence

A - Acceptance

R - Respect

N - Nurture

In Year 3, every pupil has a Values Booklet, where they can collect stickers linked to each of our core values. The aim is to collect 10 stickers across a term by demonstrating our values. When a pupil reaches 5 stickers, they will receive a 'Half way there' sticker. Once a pupil has received 10 stickers, they receive a 'Learning Champ' sticker. If a pupil receives 20 stickers over a term, they are presented with a special certificate in recognition of their accomplishment of consistently demonstrating our school values. Privilege week is a very special event when we celebrate the children's achievements with a privilege of their own choosing. Some of the recent privileges have included: an arts and craft afternoon, a classroom movie and free time using the iPads.



Every pupil is valued for their individuality and the contribution that they make to our school family. We hope that our pupils in Year 3 are not just successful academically but also develop the skills and qualities which enable them to be successful and happy in life. Please speak to your child/children about our school values and encourage them to think about how they can demonstrate them both in and outside of school.


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