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Maths resources

Our aim in Year 1 is to ensure that all children develop a strong and accurate sense of number. There are many ways that you can help with this. Here are some examples:

  • Continuously count with the children, e.g. as you climb the stairs, as they do up their buttons when they get dressed and undressed, as they walk down the road counting how many steps they make or as they are in the car "How many cars have you seen drive past?"
  • Count how many items you can see in the pictures of the books that your child is reading.
  • Sing or learn songs involving numbers, e.g Ten Green Bottles or Once I caught a fish alive (to name a few).
  • Play board games at home where keeping score is of a high priority.
  • Practise writing numbers. This can be done with paint brushes or in the sand using their fingers for example as well as with a pencil and paper.
  • Play online Maths games or use Maths apps on your children's Ipads/tablets. Please speak to your child's class teacher for further guidance on this. 


Maths activities you can do at home for further practise

Let's do some counting!

From your bedroom window, how many homes can you see? Do you have lots of neighbours? Can you draw the homes on a piece of paper writing their door numbers? Which numbers are odd? Which numbers are even? Can you add all the doors together? Which home is the biggest and which is the smallest?

Number bonds to 10 song


In addition to writing numbers 1-20 correctly, it is an end of year expectation in Year 1 to write them in word form correctly. Here are the spellings of numbers 1-20 in words to practise with your children at home.


3D shapes poem!

This is a great poem to recite at home to help your child recall and identify different 3D shapes correctly. You could even make up some actions to go with it!


3D shapes are fat not flat.

A cone is like a party hat.

A sphere is like a bouncy ball.

A cuboid is a building tall.

A cylinder is a can of pop.

A cube is like a dice you drop.

3D shapes are here and there.

3D shapes are everywhere!

Log of House Points

  • Maple 2554
  • Beech 2477
  • Oak 2648