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Maths resources

Our aim in Year 1 is to ensure that all children develop a strong and accurate sense of number. There are many ways that you can help with this. Here are some examples:

  • Continuously count with the children, e.g. as you climb the stairs, as they do up their buttons when they get dressed and undressed, as they walk down the road counting how many steps they make or as they are in the car "How many cars have you seen drive past?"
  • Count how many items you can see in the pictures of the books that your child is reading.
  • Sing or learn songs involving numbers, e.g Ten Green Bottles or Once I caught a fish alive (to name a few).
  • Play board games at home where keeping score is of a high priority.
  • Practise writing numbers. This can be done with paint brushes or in the sand using their fingers for example as well as with a pencil and paper.
  • Play online Maths games or use Maths apps on your children's Ipads/tablets. Please speak to your child's class teacher for further guidance on this. 


Number bonds to 10 song


In Year 1 as well as writing numbers 1-10 correctly in words, it is an expectation to write them in word form correctly. Here are the spellings of numbers 1-10 in words to practise with your children at home. Look out for them in your children's weekly spelling tests coming up!


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