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Pupil Voice

 At Blackwood School, we very much value the children's opinions and aim to give them as many opportunities as possible to take on additional roles of responsibility.  We believe it is important to involve our children in collaborative work involving supporting others, decision-making and action-planning.  We are fortunate to have many enthusiastic and committed children who carry out many different roles within the school.  These roles include: 

  * The Children's Leadership Team (who support events throughout the year under the guidance of Ms Coles

                                                                 and are involved in the interview process when appointing new members of staff).

  * The School Councillors (who carry out termly projects throughout the year - helped by their school council

                                                  teacher leaders).

  * Year 6 House and Sports' Captains (selected by staff to represent their houses during events throughout the                                                           year.  They also support Mrs Sanders by monitoring and collecting class house point totals

                                                 and are involved in the interview process when appointing new members of staff).

  * Learning Ambassadors (role models for learning and peer tutors who support other children in their learning -                                                              especially in Reading, Writing or Maths).

   * Science Ambassadors (role models during lessons who help set up experiments and work alongside Mrs

                                                 Sanders and Mr Nicholls to support and lead Science days). 

   * Spanish Ambassadors (role models during lessons who work alongside Senora Shorrock to support the learning of

                                                 other pupils during set times such as registration). 

   * PE Sports Leaders (selected by Mr Pearce to set up and run games during break times and to support during PE 

                                          lessons by setting up lesson equipment and helping to demonstrate where necessary).

   * Reader Leader (support younger children across the school by reading with them and being a good role model).

   * The Librarians (support Mrs Clark to run the library and keep it in good order. They help younger classes to select

                                   and take out library books and help to run the Book Fayres in school). 

   * The Sheriffs (they have carried out traffic/parking monitoring at times throughout the year and support Ms Coles

                                 during assemblies to raise awareness of safe travelling and parking). 

   * The Digital Experts (help to support the learning of their class peers and are role models for other children

                                        - sharing their enthusiasm for all things digital!).

   * The Eco-Monitors (help to promote energy-saving ideas such as switching off lights when not needed and efficient recycling. The eco-monitors regularly monitor classrooms for their energy-saving effectiveness and award the best class with the coveted Eco award!)

    * The KS1 Playground Buddies (The Playground Buddies are a team of Year 1 and Year 2 children who have been trained to help other children during break times and lunch times if they are feeling upset or lonely.  They have been carefully chosen by their teachers and class friends and are excellent role models for good behaviour).

   * The Health and Safety Junior Officers (The Health and Safety Junior Officers work alongside Mr Parker to carry out routinely checks throughout the school. Regular checking roles include: checking the corridors are well organised and clear; that classroom cupboards and areas such as the PE storeroom are tidy and safe for people to use; that fire plans are in places in key areas and that everyone knows where and how to exit the building if the fire alarm should sound).  

Log of House Points

  • Maple 12,154
  • Beech 11,613
  • Oak 11,597