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Writing Tasks for Mr Kirby's Group

Hello my group!


I have been so impressed with the writing that I've seen so far, based on The Highway Rat. Don't forget to email me your new pages if you want me to see your wonderful work!


I have rearranged the lessons underneath, so hopefully they'll be a bit easier to find as we get more work! 


There are 3 weeks worth of work based on The Highway Rat and soon to be 2 weeks worth of work looking at Gus, my new dog.

Quick Punctuation & Grammar activities


RWI Activities;


Oxford Reading Tree (who produce the RWI books) have made a load of free e-books accessible for free. All you need to do is set up a free account to access the resources. I am aware that signing up for ANOTHER site may not be something you wish to do, so I have created an account for everyone to share. If you wish to set up your own account or pay for more access to the site, you are more than welcome to.



Password: Homeowl2020


Remember that we are reading the Grey book set in our set. There are a number of these books available here and books should be read, for 15 or so minutes, every day. By the end of the week, your child should be able to confidently and expressively read the whole text independently. The other e-books available may serve as a good source for some independent reading.


RWI are holding daily online lessons for children on Facebook and YouTube (see the link below). The films of the lessons will only be available at the times below:

Set 1 speed sounds 9.30am and again at 12.30pm

Set 2 speed sounds at 10.00am and again at 1.00pm

Set 3 speed sounds at 10.30am and again at 1.30pm

IMPORTANT: The films are streamed live and won’t be available at other times. They will also release a film of a poem for Reception and Year 1 children to join in with at 2.00pm daily. The poems will be available on YouTube to watch afterwards. This is a great opportunity for children to learn these by heart!

                Spelling Activities


Choose a spelling activity if you don't have time for a full Literacy lesson or if you have some spare time at the end!

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