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Art Challenge - Monday 30th March 2020 


Good Morning Year 3, this is Miss O'Dowd. I hope that you are all well. smiley 


I had a go at drawing my favourite Disney character 'Stitch' from the film 'Lilo and Stitch' on the weekend. In order to draw this character, I followed a Youtube tutorial. 


Underneath you will see my final piece of artwork, along with the Youtube tutorial that I followed. I wondered if you would like to have a go at drawing this character yourself. I would love to see how they all turn out, you can take a picture once completed and email it to 


Keep visiting this page as I will be uploading art challenges throughout the week! 






How To Draw Stitch From Lilo And Stitch

Today, we're learning how to draw Stitch from Lilo and Stitch! We hope you follow along with us, all you need is something to draw with, paper, and coloring ...

Thank you to the children that have sent in their drawings of Stitch, I have to say that I am super impressed! We have a lot of artistic children in Year 3! Here are some of your fantastic drawings.

Wednesday 1st April 

Have a go at drawing this cow by using the step by step instructions. smiley                                               This drawing is another clue of a character that will appear in our literacy text. 


I have written the word 'moo' inside of my drawing, see how many times you can spot it! 


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