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Year 4



Mrs Kalam, Mrs Jones, Mrs Hitchman and Mr Pearce welcome you to the Year 4 page, where you can find useful links and information about some of the things that are happening in our year group.








*Please make sure that your PE kit (both indoor and outdoor) are always at school. We might have the chance to do PE when we are not on the timetable. Your kit can be washed at the weekend or half-term.


Road Trip USA - we are looking forward to learning about the geography and history of the USA. This will include developing our atlas skills, learning about Native American customs and how to to plan a trip across the country. This topic will also include some special dance and artwork.

Picture 1

Black History 

In October we learned about the many people who travelled from the Caribbean to work in Britain after WW2. They travelled on large ships, the first of which was the Windrush.

Picture 1 The Windrush arriving in Britain.


During the summer holidays, the children were set the task to take part in a STEM project (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) project entitled 'Walsall Engineers: Past, Present and Future'.  Over the summer holidays, the children researched engineering in Walsall and presented their findings.  Year 4 researched the history of Electrical engineering in Walsall.  The projects that the children created, were inspiring and truly captured the history of Electrical engineering in Walsall.  


To launch the term, Year 4 have worked on creating a ‘flying machine.’


Every Friday afternoon, we worked on designing and building our projects. The children had a go at making a propeller and used these skills to improve their designs. Each week, an engineer came into our classrooms and helped the children and the teachers in the design and making process! On the 18th October, all the Year 4 entries will be judged and a winner will be selected.









We also had fun using Lego and Lego  WeDo, to build a ‘flying machine’ to get a character from our animated story ‘ Soar’ that we used in our Literacy lessons.




                           Fun with numbers!


We have enjoyed using practical resources to help us in Maths to deepen our understanding of number and calculation.

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Picture 2
Picture 3

The teachers in Year 4 enjoyed 'teaching' the parents and showing them the practical resources used in our Maths lessons. It was great to see you all so engaged.


We also gave reading and spelling tips to support the parents when helping their children at home.


Thank you to you all. 

Parent Workshop

Up Up and Away

A visiting dance company  carried out workshops with the children to explore how we can tell stories through dance. We then visited the Forests Arts theatre to watch a fantastic performance carried out by the dance company. The story's message was that it's good to be different.

See our Gallery page for photographs.

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