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Year 4

Working from home 

Dear parents/carers and children,

We have put together a series of activities for any Year 4 pupils (who are working from home and self-isolating at the moment) to access.  The activities suggested will give the children the opportunity to keep practising key skills through a variety of tasks whilst not at school.  We will continue to add to the sections so please check in regularly for updated resources and work/task suggestions. Tasks have been set in order for you to go through tasks together and as a self-marking exercise which will give the children some instant feedback.  

We have attached the following resources for you:

•A spelling activity

• A grammar and punctuation revision task

•A maths revision task

•A reading task with comprehension and word level activities.

•Writing ideas linked to using conjunctions

•Fossil Fuel activity

We hope you find the resources useful. 

  • Try to find a quiet place for your child to work, ideally at a table, with limited distractions.
  • Remember that all children work at a different pace and if you feel they are getting restless move on to another task and you can always revisit an activity later.
  • Encourage your child with their work and ask lots of questions, some of our lessons offer a great opportunity to learn together and share the experience. Remember to encourage your child to hold their pen/pencil correctly, think about the presentation of their work and take their time.
  • Use the opportunity of working at home to develop independence, perseverance, problem solving skills and creativity. Children will love the opportunity to show you what they are capable of as they work through the activities. Remember, the most important thing is for children to enjoy these activities and have fun!

Don't forget the online activities: TT Rockstars, Developing Experts (science), pobble365


Here are some links to a selection of free online resources and advice about online learning. 

Pobble -  Has a selection of pictures that your child can use to write a story, poem or report about. They can let their imagination run wild. will have the Year 4 section ready soon please make use of this site. The White Rose Maths Team has prepared a series  lessons for each year group. Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully.


Your child will have access to TTRock stars to help them improve their multiplication recall. A password has been set up for your child and this will be given to your child if they are in school at the moment or you will be made aware of it. Please use the time that your child is at home to improve their speed and recall of the times tables up to 12 x 12


Developing Experts is a wonderful science online learning resource that has and exciting experiments to help inspire and engage your child. All the Year 4 pupils will have access to a range of  activities designed for exciting learning. 

Our suggested timetable

Non- screen activities

Have a go at these STEM projects! When you have finished, send your teachers a picture of your work to share with the rest of Year 4. 
Week 2 - Reading Comprehension
Week 2

Fractions - Super Movers

The following link will take you to a BBC live broadcast -

You will also be able to download the following activity sheets;

• Live Lesson: Activity Sheet 1 – Fractions and Equivalent Fractions

•Live Lesson: Activity Sheet 2 – Fractions to Decimals

• Live Lesson: Activity Sheet 3 – Fractions to Percentages

• Live Lesson: Activity Sheet 4 – Final Scores: Addition



Activity Mat

Roald Dahl Day

The following link will take you to a BBC live broadcast.

You will be asked to write a character profile and story.

Picture 1

Writing Repeater

Writing Repeater 1
Geography - Fossil Fuels 

RE Home learning resources in case of a school closure.

Online provision for Spanish.

Daily Live Streaming for Children

Daily Live Streaming for Children 1

Ideas to support your Year 4 child:

• Read every day. Ask questions about what might happen next

 • Write a book review  

• Practise timetables  

• Practise spellings including the Year 3 and 4  Common Exception words 

• Encourage addition and subtraction using money. How much change?

 • Use everyday objects to practise fractions - how much pizza have you eaten? What fraction of the socks are blue? What fraction of the cars you can see are red?  

• Make a plan to decorate a room and measure the perimeter  

The Year 4 teaching team thank you for your support and wish you all well

Dear parents/carers, 

 Twinkl are currently offering all schools, parents and carers the opportunity to access their educational resources for free over the next month - called a 'One Month Ultimate Membership'.  They have agreed to extend this offer to parents/carers in order to support you and provide you with additional resources at home during the Coronavirus pandemic.  In order to access the resources for yourself, please go to  and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS 

 We hope you find the Twinkl resources useful when supporting your child at home, 



Mrs Kalam, Mrs Hitchman and Mr Pearce welcome you to the Year 4 page, where you can find useful links and information about some of the things that are happening in our year group.








During the summer holidays, the children were set the task to take part in a STEM project (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) project entitled 'Walsall Engineers: Past, Present and Future'.  Over the summer holidays, the children researched engineering in Walsall and presented their findings.  Year 4 researched the history of Electrical engineering in Walsall.  The projects that the children created, were inspiring and truly captured the history of Electrical engineering in Walsall.  


To launch the term, Year 4 have worked on creating a ‘flying machine.’


Every Friday afternoon, we worked on designing and building our projects. The children had a go at making a propeller and used these skills to improve their designs. Each week, an engineer came into our classrooms and helped the children and the teachers in the design and making process! On the 18th October, all the Year 4 entries will be judged and a winner will be selected.









We also had fun using Lego and Lego  WeDo, to build a ‘flying machine’ to get a character from our animated story ‘ Soar’ that we used in our Literacy lessons.





Road Trip USA - we are looking forward to learning about the geography and history of the USA. This will include developing our atlas skills, learning about Native American customs and how to to plan a trip across the country. This topic will also include some special dance and artwork.

Picture 1

Black History 

In October we learned about the many people who travelled from the Caribbean to work in Britain after WW2. They travelled on large ships, the first of which was the Windrush.

Picture 1 The Windrush arriving in Britain.

Up Up and Away

A visiting dance company  carried out workshops with the children to explore how we can tell stories through dance. We then visited the Forests Arts theatre to watch a fantastic performance carried out by the dance company. The story's message was that it's good to be different.

See our Gallery page for photographs.

General information


*Please make sure that your PE kit (both indoor and outdoor) are always at school. We might have the chance to do PE when we are not on the timetable. Your kit can be washed at the weekend or half-term.

                                    How parents can help:

                           Fun with numbers!


We have enjoyed using practical resources to help us in Maths to deepen our understanding of number and calculation.

The teachers in Year 4 enjoyed 'teaching' the parents and showing them the practical resources used in our Maths lessons. It was great to see you all so engaged.


We also gave reading and spelling tips to support the parents when helping their children at home.


Thank you to you all. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Parent Workshop


Homework in Year 4 will be handed out on a Friday and must be returned by the Friday of that week at the latest. Weekly homework will usually include maths or literacy homework and spellings (which can be found below on this page). It is important that homework is returned on the Friday as, in Year 4, we mark homework as a class on Friday to address any misconceptions or errors together.

Children will visit the school library on a Thursday and will be able to return and select a new book during the library session.


All of the children have a home reading book that they should read at home with an adult. These can be changed weekly. 






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