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Year 5

Year 5


Functions/ Notions

Core language

Phonic focus

Autumn 1

General revision of key topics from previous years.


Transport and countries

  • Introduce self (name, age, nationality)
  • Ask and answer basic questions related to dates, age, birthday, family, numbers.
  • Learn names of means of transport.
  • Find out how people travel in some countries.
  • New vocab, ir, en/a + noun, European culture and geography


  • Me llamo, tengo, soy.
  • Means of transport (autobús, bicicleta, tren, coche, tractor, barco, avión, camión)
  • ci, ce
  • ca, cu , co

Autumn 2


  • Name school subjects.
  • Express opinions: gustar/encantar / odiar/detestar, reusing language structures in a new context.
  • Learn about Navidad in a Spanish speaking country.
  • Listen and respond to basic Christmas vocabulary.
  • Sing “Cascabel” and “Feliz Navidad”



  • Asignaturas (matemáticas, geografía, historia, lengua, arte, música, educación religiosa, educación física)
  • g / j
  • ción


Spring 1

Jobs & occupations

  • Learn the names of jobs and occupations.
  • Identify gender of nouns. 
  • Express opinion about future intention. querer ser/trabajar en, future conditional tense, link to previous topic to prepare a short paragraph to deliver as a blog.


  • Jobs/ occupations (profesor/a, ingeniero/a, cartero, abogado/a, fontanero/a, camarero/a, dentista, policía, doctor/a)
  • or
  • ora

Spring 2

Dream jobs

  • Describe what certain jobs/ occupations entail.
  • Use future conditional tense. Link to previous topic to prepare a short paragraph to deliver as a blog.


  • Verbs (trabajar, entregar, servir, enseñar, curar, arreglar) 
  • er
  • rr

Summer 1


  • Learn the names of musical instruments.
  • Link and extend sentences.
  • Hispanic music- short paragraph with opinions as a letter to Spanish musician in IT suite.


  • Musical instruments (guitarra, piano, flauta, ukulele, batería, castañuelas)


Summer 2


  • Learn to describe a festival and having a good time in general.
  • Learn to express what they like bout festival and fun activities.
  • Cultural understanding, specialist vocabulary
  • ¡Vamos a la fiesta!
  • juegos, baile tradicional, la banda, los fuegos artificiales.





Reading: Use a variety of language learning strategies to read out words / sentences.  Increased fluency and accuracy.


Speaking: Can introduce themselves and ask for personal information.


Listening: Identify simple words, listen to simple songs, poems and stories.


Writing: Write words and simple sentences. Write simple paragraphs and descriptions.



Log of House Points

  • Maple 12,154
  • Beech 11,613
  • Oak 11,597