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Year 6

Miss Barber, Mrs Sanders, Mr Pusey, Mrs Whiston and Mrs Youngson welcome you to the Year 6 page. Here you will find useful information about what is happening in Year 6 and some helpful tools to assist you in your learning.


Autumn topic: Hola Mexico!

Autumn topic: Hola Mexico!  1

 Hola Mexico! We will begin by experiencing a Mexican-style festival including opportunities to experience   traditional customs.  During the topic, the children will learn about: Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration; the differences between life in Mexico and the UK; the geographical features of Mexico’s Chihuahuan desert; traditional legends, writing glyphs and the ancient Maya Gods & Goddesses. Our topic will provide plenty of opportunities to develop our Year 6 art, music, drama, history  and geography skills. 


The Victorians

The Victorians  1

 During the summer term, Year 6 have been very busy learning about The Victorians.  We have enjoyed carrying out our own research using a variety of resources and sources of information. We have covered many different aspects during our summer topic but some of our highlights include: 

  • Creating team quiz names and taking part in a class competition which tested our knowledge of Victorian mystery objects, terminology, inventions and favourite past times. 
  • We were sent to the Victorian Workhouse and made to do terribly monotonous and exhausting tasks such as oakum picking and sharpening the master's stationary! 
  • We played a snakes and ladders-inspired board game to learn about poor Victorian children at work and even had a turn each in a mock-up version of a chimney flue! 
  • We researched and studied famous Victorians - William Morris and Isambard Kingdom Brunel - and even created our own versions of Brunel's Clifton Suspension bridge.  Inspired by William Morris' wallpaper designs, we created our own designs, photographed them and digitally enhanced them by using computer software to create repeated pattern motifs.   

 We have included examples of some of the work we have created during our Victorian's project and we hope you enjoy looking at them!  

      A collage to showcase some of our William Morris inspired tile designs:

A collage to showcase some of our William Morris inspired tile designs.

     We played the snakes and ladders inspired board game to develop our understanding of what life             was like for Victorian children - especially for poor, orphaned children.  




Gallery Rebels

                                                                                                                    Gallery Rebels 1 Our Spring Topic: Gallery Rebels

 Throughout the Spring Term, we will be learning about some of the great artists of the 20th and 21st   century. The children will have the opportunity to learn and critique pieces of artwork as well as develop their own  techniques.  In particular we will look more closely at the following artistic movements: Impressionism,   Expressionism, Surrealism and Existentialism.  Towards the end of our project, we look forward to being able to share some of the children's masterpieces with you! 


Optional Summer holiday homework

Updated SATs workshop notebook converted into a PDF file for parents added 18.10.17

 Dear Parents, 

 We are having some technical difficulties uploading the SAT Parent workshop notebook onto the Year 6 page in the folder above.  For now, we have managed to attach it in PowerPoint form however, the quality and layout of the pages has been affected. If we can attach a more reader-friendly version, we will do so as soon as possible.  Many thanks, Year 6 team. 

Transition booklet for Parents 5 to 6

Year 6 residential visit: Mount Cook

Mrs Sanders & Mr Pusey spellings

Hola Mexico homework Autumn 1 Week 1/2

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