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Year 6

Miss Barber, Mrs Sanders, Mr Pusey, Mrs Whiston and Mrs Youngson welcome you to the Year 6 page. Here you will find useful information about what is happening in Year 6 and some helpful tools to assist you in your learning.


 Spring Topic: Gallery Rebels



For our Stunning Start, we took a virtual tour of The National Gallery in London.  Our main task was to navigate our way around the different gallery rooms and find eight paintings.  For each painting found, we had to: locate its position in the gallery; find its title; the name of the artist; the date it was painted as well as up to three additional facts about the painting. We had great fun! 


  We have been learning about the colour wheel and the three main colour categories: primary, 

  secondary and tertiary. We have been experimenting with mixing and blending colours to try and   

  create our own versions of the colour wheel.  



Transition booklet for Parents 5 to 6

Autumn topic: Hola Mexico!

Autumn topic: Hola Mexico!  1

#ThankYou100 Remembrance Work


Year 6 spent the final week of half term focusing on the centenary of the First World War. We are proud to share our appreciation for the countless people who helped, from soldiers to Girl Guides. Across the year group, we have written poems and letters of thanks to show our gratitude and commemorate those who dedicated their lives to the war effort. We also created artwork, focusing on perspective and composition, using watercolours and pastels.

Optional Summer holiday homework

 Hola Mexico! We will begin by experiencing a Mexican-style festival including opportunities to experience   traditional customs.  During the topic, the children will learn about: Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration; the differences between life in Mexico and the UK; the geographical features of Mexico’s Chihuahuan desert; traditional legends, writing glyphs and the ancient Maya Gods & Goddesses. Our topic will provide plenty of opportunities to develop our Year 6 art, music, drama, history  and geography skills. 


Dear parents/carers, 

Please find below a link to the Y6 SAT workshop presentation PDF slides.  At the end of the PDF, it lists resources which were linked to the original presentation used on the workshop evening.  Please note the PDF website-friendly version does not include workable links to be opened however the documents or resources listed at the end of the PDF can be found and downloaded from our Y6 page directly below the PDF website link.  

The Year 6 team

 Miss Barber’s literacy group: 

Remember this week you are practising your bespoke spelling list. If you have less than 10 spellings on your list, choose some words you would like to perfect to make it up to 10. If you have more than 10 spellings on your list, choose 10 to work on this week. 

You need to produce a page of spelling practice for homework this week please. Use varied stategies e.g. word art, wavy

letters, pyramid letters, colour letters. 


Mrs Sanders & Mr Pusey spellings

Hola Mexico homework Autumn 1 Week 1/2

Log of House Points

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