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Year 4



Mrs Kalam, Mrs Jones, Miss Wilkins, Mrs Winters, Miss Yates, Miss Morris and Mrs Sandland welcome you to the Year 4 page, where you can find useful links and information about some of the things that are happening in our year group.





However delicious this food may look, it is not healthy!


Rules about snacks at break time are changing. Snacks MUST be either; a piece of fruit (this can be dried fruit but not Fruit Winders, vegetables or a piece of toast. Toast can be purchased from school for the small fee of £1 per week.







*Please make sure that your PE kit (both indoor and outdoor) are always at school. We might have the chance to do PE when we are not on the timetable. Your kit can be washed at the weekend or half-term.


Spellings now play a huge part in our progress, as writers. Here is a list of the spellings that we're expected to know by the end of Year 4. 


accident(ally)   actual(ly)   address    answer   appear   arrive   believe   bicycle   breath   breathe   build busy/business   calendar   caught   centre   century   certain   circle   complete   consider   continue

decide   describe   different   difficult   disappear   early   earth   eight/eighth   enough   exercise experience   experiment   extreme   famous   favourite   February   forward(s)   fruit   grammar    group guard   guide   heard   heart   height   history   imagine   increase   important   interest   island   knowledge   learn   length   library   material   medicine   mention   minute   natural   naughty   notice occasion(ally)   often   opposite   ordinary   particular   peculiar   perhaps   popular   position   possess(ion)   possible   potatoes   pressure   probably   promise   purpose   quarter   question   recent regular   reign   remember   sentence   separate   special   straight   strange   strength   suppose   surprise   therefore   though/although   thought   through   various   weight   woman/women



There are loads, right? 


You can find your weekly spelling lists below. Just click on the pencil for your group.


*Remember to practise your spellings in full sentences; especially those tricky homophones!*

Spellings A

Spellings B

Spellings C

Lievidence Regular


I came. I saw. I conquered.


This topic, we will be studying the Romans. Some of the activities that we have to look forward to are below;

We will be researching the infamous Julius Caesar! We will have a look at who he was, why he was so famous and how he became the most powerful man on earth during his reign!



We will be learning which countries were taken over by the Romans and how they completely overwhelmed the Celts. We will look at where it all started and where the demise of the empire began.



We will also be using our DT skills to design and create an intricate Roman brooch, ready to wear to our Roman party!




Our topic will end with an exciting Roman party! 



A quick joke; How did the Roman Empire get cut in half?


With a pair of Caesars!

Sometimes, we ask you to go on Bug Club and Manga High whilst you're at home. You can find the links for these sites below. Don't forget that if you lose your passwords, they are on your Homework Logs and your teachers have a copy.

Log of House Points

  • Maple 3054
  • Beech 2616
  • Oak 2598