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'Passion for learning, education for life'

Year Four Forest School.

Mrs Leadley and the Forest School Team would like to welcome you to our sessions.
Forest School is an outdoor, educational ethos that originated in Denmark for pre-school children. During the 1980's, the idea was brought back to Britain and is currently spreading rapidly throughout the country for children and young adults of all ages and abilities.
Through exploration, investigation, team work and child-led activities, all aspects of our children's development are promoted and celebrated. Improvements in self-esteem, self-confidence, communication and fitness are encouraged as well as the practical application of curriculum subjects.
Welcome, we can't wait to see you in a wood near here!

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Picture 2
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We were so proud to support the Remembrance celebrations on Barr Beacon.


Having a film crew along for the day was so exciting. The resulting film will be available on the Barr Beacon website. Watch this space for details.

Picture 1 We loved bringing a bit of festive cheer
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4 Using vegetable peelers to whittle clapping sticks
Picture 5 We are also very creative at Forest School.
Picture 6 Teamwork is everything at Forest School.
Picture 7 Just chilling!
Picture 8 Building with the logo- like lego but with logs!
Picture 9 If it's windy, make kites!
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13 We have worked to learn how to use a bow saw.
Picture 14 Washing our hands with the tippy tap.
Picture 15 Den building.
Picture 16
Picture 17 We are so creative!
Picture 18
Picture 19 Bear Grylls sent us a message.
Picture 20
Picture 21 We used compasses to help us find our bearings.
Picture 22 We've really enjoyed building with our logs.
Picture 23 Learning how to use the loppers.
Picture 24 We made a scale model of Forest School.
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Picture 26
Picture 27
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Picture 29
Picture 30

Log of House Points

  • Maple 7819
  • Beech 7542
  • Oak 7651