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Year 3

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The Year 3 team, Miss Morris (Year Group Leader), Mrs Goodall, Miss Breakwell, Mrs Jones, Mrs Faulkner and Mrs Parker would like to welcome you to the Year 3 page. Here, you can find out all about what amazing learning is happening in all three classes.

Our Topics for 2015/16 are:

Autumn 1: Mighty Metals

This is a science based topic focusing on magnets and forces. The text that will lead the literacy aspect is 'The Iron man' by Ted Hughes. This is a fabulous text about an Iron man that eats all the farmer's metal machinery. The farmers plan to capture the giant however, a little boy called Hogarth befriends him and eventually the villagers and the Iron man unite to save the planet.

Autumn 2:Tremors
This is another Science and Geography based topic. The children will learn all about natural disasters such as Volcanic eruptions and Earthquakes. The children will explore a variety of non fiction texts and internet sources to research and write a non chronological report about volcanoes.

Spring Term 1 & 2: Whizz around the world & Predators 
Due to the term being short this amalgamation of topics will explore geographical aspects of the world and scientific aspects of Humans and staying healthy. There will also be a Design Technology element where the children will create their own 3D predator plants. This topic will be enhanced with the beautiful text 'The Hunter' by Paul Geraghty. This will expose the children to wonderful imagery and language and they will be able to empathise with animals that are hunted.

Summer Term: Gods & Mortals
This topic has a heavy historical focus with  some elements of geography. The children will learn about Ancient Greece. This will include an appreciation of when the Ancient Greek period was in relation to other historical periods and comparing life in Ancient Greece with that of today. We will also explore the Ancient Greeks' achievements, stories and their influences on the western world that still continue today.


There are many useful websites that the school use to promote your child's learning. Please encourage your child to use these sites and improve their skills.

For the children, who read the most, there is the one and only chance to attend a special tea party! The highlight of this reward is to play 'pie face' against the lucky few teachers!




Togo Nogo -Road Safety Training

The children enjoyed some classroom sessions learning how to stay safe when they are out and about. This was followed up with a practical session delivered by Walsall Road safety officers. We were impressed with the children's concentration and interest in this important topic.

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