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Year 2

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Hello everybody! Mrs McFarlane, Miss Benning, Mr Nicholls, Ms Bains and Mrs Phelps would like to welcome you to the Year 2 page! Here you can find out about all the exciting learning that is going on in Year 2 as well as some useful information about upcoming events. Let's see what's been going on in Year 2 so far!






Rainforest Races
When the children arrived at school following the Easter holiday, they found an exciting message on the board for them. They had to solve a rainforest puzzle to unlock a secret message from Ant & Dec. They told the children that in preparation for their topic on rainforests that they would have to take part in a series of 'Bushtucker Trials'. The first of which was a competition called 'Rainforest Races'. In the race they had to 'slither like a snake', 'leap like a leopard', 'flip like a frog' and cause 'monkey mayhem'.       



As you can see the children thoroughly enjoyed this and were able to unlock their next challenge. More photos for 'Rainforest Races' are available below.
Treetop Takeover




The next trial was called 'Treetop Takeover' Here the children had to create a rainforest display full of colourful animals, trees and vines. The children did a fabulous job and the rainforest even grew into our new book corners.

The children are now eagerly waiting for their next 'Bushtucker Trial' on 'I'm a Year Two Kid Get me Out Of Here!'

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