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Throughout the Autumn term Key Stage 2 have been involved in a STEM project titled 'Walsall Engineers: Past, Present and Future'.


Over the summer holiday, the children researched engineering in Walsall and presented their findings. Each year group was given a specific aspect of engineering to study.

          Year 3 – The leather industry

          Year 4 – Electrical engineering in & around Walsall

          Year 5 – Foundry engineering in & around Walsall

          Year 6 – Structural engineering in & around Walsall


During the project, children had the opportunity to meet and work with current engineers and were set the task of creating something to overcome an engineering problem. At the end of the project, the children showcased their creations to the engineers and winning prototypes were chosen from each year group.



Log of House Points

  • Maple 12,154
  • Beech 11,613
  • Oak 11,597