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New- My School Fund


Would you like to donate money without it costing you a penny? in fact you’ll actually receive cashback, then read on.

Please sign up to .Each time you spend at Sainsbury’s and Argos you’ll receive 2% cashback and we’ll receive a 1% cashback.


Just think what a difference we can make if everyone signed up. You could all be donating to the school without it costing you a penny.


Please watch the Youtube video for more information-My School Fund for parents - YouTube


Here is the link to the letter explaining how to get set up.


Anyone can sign up so please let your friends and family know. In the section where it asks what year your child is in please put year 7 if you haven’t got children in Blackwood school.


It will literally take you 5 minutes to register so don’t delay please register today!

Blackwood School Quad Fundraising Video

We are a primary school in Walsall. Please donate generously so we can create a lovely inspiring place for our youngest children to learn and play.

June/July 2020 Fundraiser- Blackwood Quad Refurbishment

We are excited to announce we are installing a new doorway to class RFW with a ramp so the children have direct access to play outdoors as part of the Early Years Curriculum.The quad area is used by some of our youngest children and is looking very sad as there many tired old resources. However with your help we can buy and install a range of resources that will create a happy inspiring place to learn and play.


We would like the refurbishments to take place over the summer holiday, so we haven’t got long to raise the funds required.

Mr Kirby and I have produced a short video to show you how the quad looks now and what it could look like with your help.
The video can be found at the top of this page.

There are several ways you can donate. If you have a school Parent Pay account please log in and select a payment item. You can send a general donation of £2, £5, £10 or £20 or you could donate a specific item from those listed below. If you donate a specific item, your name (if you were happy for it to be disclosed) and the item you’ve purchased will appear in the school Broadsheet, on our social media pages and the school website. 

Local companies and larger organisations with charitable giving schemes that may be interested in supporting this project should contact me at Once again we would promote your organisation if you were happy for us to do so.


Please find detailed below our shopping list of resources we require:

Chalk board large x 2 £150            Chalk board Extra Large £200
Vertical Planter- £15 x 4            Raised planter £165 x4
Large water play area £177            Water play equipment 2 x £69
Jumbo Building blocks set to make a house 2 x £99
Giant outdoor connect 4 £126        Target toss game 2 x £24
Duplo lego people of the world 2 x £34    People of the world- small world toys 2 x £90
Materials to make stage decking £500    Playhouse- £550.00
Astroturf area £1000

Every pound counts and we would be grateful of whatever support you could give to make this project a reality.
Please share the video on social media with as many friends and family as you can. I know that if we all work together Blackwood children will benefit from this lovely new play area.


Yours sincerely
The ever hopeful Mrs Price
School Business Manager

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