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Splendid Skies

Splendid Skies.


Our topic this half term gives us the opportunity to explore the weather and the different seasons.


As a start to our new topic we walked around the school grounds to look for signs of Autumn. We discussed the changes in the colours of the leaves, the leaves falling off the trees, the various nuts you might find like acorns and chestnuts and how the squirrels collect food ready to hibernate in Winter.  The best part was walking through the pile of leaves!


The scary thunder storm!


We listened to different sound clips of the weather and then discussed what they made us think of. We talked about the different seasons we might experience that type of weather and what we need to wear. 


We then went outside onto the play ground with all of year 1 and created our own thunderstorm using our bodies. It was good fun as we had to listen carefully to each other while building up the noise using our hands and feet. We practised using different speeds and volumes to show the build up and crescendo of the storm. 

Log of House Points

  • Maple 10830
  • Beech 9687
  • Oak 11053