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Hobbies Talks

Hobby Talks are something that we all do in Year 4. It's an opportunity to share the things that we are passionate about and good at. Every week, a member of each class gets the chance to present to the rest of the year group, talking about something that they do outside of school. This can be anything from collecting stones to playing a musical instrument and it's something that both the teachers and children look forward to, throughout the year. Take a look below at the Hobby Talks that we have seen so far and look out for Mr Kirby's highlight from each one!

Josh and James

Josh and James spoke to us about Minecraft for their hobby talk. They spoke about what they like to do in the game and what their favourite part of playing is. They both seemed to like dying in the game, which is an easy way to enjoy a game! James spoke about how he likes to dig further and further down until he ends up falling into lava and Josh spoke about his Darth Vader skin that he likes to use. "I've never played Minecraft and after your talk, I feel like I'm missing out!" - Mr Kirby.

Katie and Olivia

Katie and Olivia spoke about gymnastics. They told us how they have both been doing gymnastics for years and why they got into gymnastics in the first place. They spoke about their gymnastics club on a Friday and told us about which moves are their favourites and why. Their costumes for their sport show that they take gymnastics very seriously and their knowledge on the subject confirmed this! "I'd love to go to gymnastics club with Miss Collins but I'm still waiting for her to order me that leotard!" - Mr Kirby.

Govind, Josh and Jamie

The boys spoke very confidently about a hobby that we don't see enough of in Y4; cricket. Their PowerPoint was absolutely fantastic and did all kinds of tricks. They revealed what their topic was about and had lots of interesting photos of the sport to show us. They told us the difference between 20:20 cricket and Test cricket and were clearly very knowledgeable about their hobby. "I love playing cricket! I remember when I was younger, I ran into my own wicket because I was looking at the ball instead of where I was going! Howzat?!" - Mr Kirby.


Katie spoke to us about her hobby of gymnastics. It was really impressive to hear all the things that she needed to do to earn each of her certificates and it sounded like a lot of commitment is needed to be as successful as Katie in gymnastics! She answered all of our questions confidently and it was obvious that she had a lot of knowledge about her hobby. "Wow Katie! I can't believe you can do all of those moves! I don't think I'd ever recover if I tried half of those!" - Mr Kirby.

Check out some of her certificates below;

Alex and Finlay

Alex and Finlay spoke about a passion that a lot of the boys in Y4 share; football! They spoke about the teams that they play for and brought in lots of medals and trophies that they had won in their time playing the sport. We had fun guessing which shirts Finlay had brought in and it was clear that they both know enough about football to give Gary Lineker a run for his money! "Football is a great way to keep active boys and it's nice to see that you enjoy something that's so good for you!" - Mr Kirby.


Gurleen's hobby talk was about her love of swimming. She brought in her costume, her hat, towel and goggles and spoke to us about the different challenges that she faces during her swimming lessons. She has a clear passion for swimming and her successes show that she is very good at it! "Practise makes perfect and it seems like you put in a great amount of practise." - Mr Kirby.

Cohen & Jeevan

Cohen and Jeevan brought in two of their favourite Lego books. Lego books seem to be very popular with us in Year 4 and the boys showed us why. They spoke about the stories, the illustrations and why they love Lego so much. "It's great that you can find something that you actually enjoy reading boys. Keep it up!" - Mr Kirby.


Ekpreet impressed us all with her hobby of swimming. She showed us her certificates and spoke to us about how she had completed her 1000m badge. That's 10 times longer than the race that Usain Bolt is most famous for...swimming! Ekpreet was confident when she answered our questions and was obviously very proud of her achievements. "Your presentation brought me back to when I swam 1k in Year 4. I remember how difficult it was so well done Ekpreet!" - Mr Kirby.

Check out her certificates below;


Libby, Annabelle and Shivani

The girls brought in some of their amazing Lego creations and spoke about the different types of Lego that you can buy nowadays. It was impressive to imagine how long each one must have taken them. They showed a great knowledge of Lego and have obviously spent many hours playing with it. "Well done girls, I'd love the time to be able to create such amazing pieces!" - Mr Kirby.

Check out some of the things that they brought in below;


Jude is obviously very passionate about Robofish. He spoke confidently about how they work and the different types of Robofish that there are. There was a whale, a turtle and the angler fish that he brought in. Jude not only spoke about the fish but he showed us how they work in a bowl of water! "I'd never heard of Robofish before but they looked so cool! They sound like the kind of pet that I could look after!" - Mr Kirby.


Shivani brought her Ninjago Lego to talk about in her Hobby Talk. She brought in some really complicated creations that she had made, which had taken her hours to do and she spoke passionately about the different things that you can do with Lego. She explained the difference between Ninjago and City Lego and mentioned the Ninjago TV program that she watches and enjoys. "I loved seeing the creations that you made and the spinner looks like great fun...I'm jealous!" - Mr Kirby.

Check out the spinner in action, below.

Sophie and Grace

Sophie and Grace treated us to a brilliant Hobby Talk about their joint passion, horses. They spoke about the different types of brushes that are used to keep the horses looking beautiful and told us what each one did. Sophie brought in some of her birthday presents, which were a pair of boots, a pink jacket and she also brought in her hoodie, that she wears when she's riding her horse. They have 12 horses between them and that means a lot of looking after, so the girls were full of detailed knowledge about how to look after the horses. "I loved how confidently you spoke about your horses. It sounds like a really fun hobby to have and I couldn't think of a better way to relax after school than to ride around a field on the back of a horse! Keep it up girls!" - Mr Kirby.


Sophie's hobby talk was both interesting and informative. She said that she started piano when she was 6, which is the same age that her brother started and since then, she has learnt to play many songs (the first song that she learnt was 'Mary had a Little Lamb'.) She played a video of herself playing 'Arietta' on the piano (although it must have been hard to play it upside down!), which was very impressive and it was great that she taught us all something about bass and treble cleffs too! "I really enjoyed the quiz at the end and it was good to hear "Every Good Boy Deserves Football" again. My piano taught me that when I was your age, Sophie!" - Mr. Kirby.


Eizeldeen was extremely brave to do his hobby talk alone and without a PowerPoint to remind him of what to say. He spoke confidently about how he started karate last year and has already earned his white, red and yellow belts! He told us about how he got into karate because he felt like it was the best after school club and once he'd been for the first time, he knew it was for him! "I love that Eiz brought all of his equipment in for us to see. I'm not sure if I could tie my shoelaces wearing those mitts though!" - Mr Kirby.

Sunaina and Libby

Sunaina and Libby both spoke about their love of gymnastics. They both started at Alexandra Academy and Libby said she started gymnastics when she was about 2! Wow! The girls brought in medals and certificates to show us some of the awards and recognition that they have received throughout their time doing gymnastics. We saw photos of the girls doing some of their moves and they told us about their very first moves; a forward roll and the splits! "I don't think you'd catch me doing the splits. Not in my trousers! A great hobby talk girls. It was lovely to see you in action in the photos that you brought in. Keep it up!" - Mr. Kirby.

Ethan & Sam

Ethan and Sam did a fascinating Hobbies Talk about Warhammer. Ethan told us about how they played their first Warhammer game in Sutton this week and won! Well done boys! They informed us about how Warhammer works, showed us the game board and brought in some of the figures that they had made. Ethan said he had made around 10 figures and Sam said he couldn't count them, he has so many! "My highlight was looking at the figures that Ethan had made. They looked really hard to glue and paint." - Mr Kirby.



Leilani's hobby talk was about her passion for 60's and 70's records. She brought in her record player and told us about how it worked and some of her favourite records. "The highlight for me was listening to Abba and hearing the Hawiaan music that sounded like Spongebob!" - Mr Kirby


Leilani's record player and an Abba record, which we all listened to and loved! "Mama mia!"

Jensen and Ethan

Jensen and Ethan brought in one of their favourite things to play with; Lego! Not just any Lego, but the Technic and Ninjago Lego, which Jensen told us lots of information about. The models that they brought in had moving pistons, wheels, fans and some really intricate designs. "My highlight was hearing about the biggest Lego structure, which is even bigger than me!" - Mr Kirby.

Jenna and Olivia

Jenna and Olivia's Hobby Talk was a combination of their hobbies, which they share a lot of! They do everything together, so spoke about dancing, Brownies, swimming and gymnastics with Miss Collins. They are two very busy girls and clearly very successful looking at the amount of medals they brought in. "My highlight was seeing Olivia's towel that was covered in swimming badges because it reminded me of when I used to swim at that age." - Mr Kirby




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